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Mar 19, 1984, 7:26:07 PM3/19/84
Digest of net.cooks from Feb 23 to Mar 10, 1984 by Prentiss Riddle:

Alaskan halibut with vegetables Grilled tomatoes in grape leaves
Barbecued spareribs "Hot exotic curry sauce"
Cheesecake Moglai biriani
"Chili feed" chili -- green Ribs with black bean sauce
"Chili feed" chili -- red Shredded pork with Peking sauce
Chocolate torta Waffles (alternatives to Bisquick)
Fruit leather

Bay Aryan barbecue sauce [thanks, mr. m!]
Cheesecake in a convection oven
Freezing refried beans
Homemade pizza dough
Names of fish which yield caviar
Philadelphia Italian bakery -style cheesecake
Rice cookers
Storing cottage cheese upside down -- why?
Wedding reception ideas
Where to get an old manual cream whipper

Miscellaneous discussion:
Asian restaurants in Chicago
Bargains on cookbooks: Quality Paperback Book Club
Food dehydrators
Food processors -- the debate grinds onward
Indian restaurants in Holmdel, NJ
Irradiated food
Know your chiles!
Vitamin B-12 deficiency
Washing rice, continued
Why are hot peppers hot?


Mar 28, 1984, 10:16:18 PM3/28/84
Digest of net.cooks from Mar 14 to Mar 28, 1984 by Prentiss Riddle:

[Now accepting applicants for a new net.cooks summarizer, preferably
one with a more reliable news feed. Send mail to b...@gummo.UUCP
and/or rid...@ut-sally.UUCP.]

Asparagus quiche Junior's cheescake
Baba ganoosh (Pritikin style) Khao phat prik (chile fried rice)
Baked eggplant (Pritikin style) Margaritas
Barbecue sauce for chicken Niagara Falls chicken wings
Garlic dip (Pritikin style) Pizza dough
Granola bars Rolled lamb with artichoke hearts
HOT spaghetti sauce Sesame tahina
Hot and sour soup Shrimp ceviche
Hummus (Pritikin style) Spinach and ricotta quiche
Italian lentil soup Violet vinegar
Jook (turkey rice gruel) Whole wheat bread

Appliance paint Tamale recipes
Easter season recipes Tempeh tips
Lentil soup recipes Wedding reception food

Localized specialty foods:
Basque food New York egg cremes
Charlotte russe Rocky Mountain Oysters
Fried green tomatoes San Francisco sourdough bread
Knishes Speedies
Lefse Toasted ravioli
Mushroom mush Various East Coast sandwiches

Regional vocabulary (mix and match):
bologna coke hoagie pop sub
bubbler float jumbo quinine tonic
bulkie frappe kaiser roll rubbish tonic water
cabinet garbage lemonade shake trash
calzone grinder milkshake soda
cannoli hero phosphate sodie

A Surti Touch -- Adventures in Indian Cooking
Chinese Technique
Cooking and Crafts Club
Recipes from the Regional Cooks of Mexico
Southern Living Magazine
The Cuisines of Mexico
The New Italian Cooking
The Romagnoli's Meatless Cookbook
The Romagnoli's Table

Miscellaneous discussion:
Barbecue sauces Peppers of all sorts
Clarified butter scum Russian vs. thousand island dressing
Dry vs. brewed coffee in recipes Storing cottage cheese upside down
Folic acid Tempeh (do-it-yourself)
Fried rice The low-down on potatoes
Gateau in processor Tree ears vs. cloud ears
How to reheat rice Waste not want not!
Indian restaurants

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