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Jun 1, 1984, 2:08:54 AM6/1/84
Summary of by cbosgd!djb

* Sources for Ikonas driver for 4.2BSD
* Tom Edds (ed...@unc.UUCP) posted a summary of responses to his
request for SIGGRAPH CORE software written in C (including some
info on GKS as well). There were several sources of such software,
indicating that quite a bit of work is going on out there...
* Early enthusiasm for SIGGRAPH '84 (plan now for July)
* Mesa Graphics will be marketing a Tek 4014 emulator for the
Macintosh that is scheduled for release around July 1 and will
run somewhere around $200-$300 (info courtesy of l...@aluxe.UUCP).
* How about a software standard more suited for sophisticated
bitmap or raster-oriented graphics applications (something along the
lines of the Smalltalk "bitblit" or Macintosh "quickdraw").

* bo...@unm-cs.UUCP is interested in RGB to NSCS signal conversion
methods (particularly for making videotapes from color displays).
Some helpful discussion has already taken place (thanks to
dmmart...@watcgl.UUCP and step...@smu.UUCP).
* Repeat of a request from n...@iwu1b.UUCP for a UNIX GPS filter for HPGL
* vi...@kvvax4.UUCP is looking for a GKS implementation with Pascal
* b...@hao.UUCP is interested in collecting user reports on workstations
roughly comparable to the Sun-2's and also on the new Canon-based
laser printers.
* stu...@rochester.UUCP is in need of conic sections rasterization
algorithms that are suitable for implementation on the Adage (Ikonas)
RDS-3001 frame buffer (meaning all integer arithmetic, no special
math support, etc). The Pitteway and Jordan/Lennon/Holm algorithms
have already been tried and found insufficiently robust.
* se...@oddjob.UUCP is interested in graphics software that can drive
a VT100 with Advanced Video Option. This brought about discussion that
called into question the worthiness of graphics for such a limited
* gv...@ihuxp.UUCP is looking for pointers to the NAPLPS Standard
* ri...@steinmetz.UUCP would like suggestions for a low-cost, high res
RGB monitor (similar to the new Hitachi's, but available now).

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