Verification matcher for inline asserting

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Marcin Zajączkowski

Jan 26, 2022, 5:26:31 AM1/26/22
to mockito
Hi. I've been treating my mockito-java8 as a deprecated project - with all the major features already available in mockito-core. However, recently, I've been migrating some big project from Mockito 1.x to 2.x/4.x and I wasn't able to find a simple way to perform inline asserting in verification, such as:

    void shouldAllowToUseAssertionInLambdaWithPrimitiveAsArgument() {
        verify(ts).fireTorpedo(assertArg(i -> assertThat(i).isEqualTo(2)));

As ArgumentMacher has a return type, it is problematic to do it in one line (an extra "return true" is required - a custom Matcher has to be created).

Of course it can also be done with ArgumentCaptor, but it is even 3 lines instead od 1.

The implementation in mockito-java8 is trivial:

If I missed something existing, please let me know. In the other case, I wonder, if you are open to accept assertArg() addition to the mockito-core (to be able to officially deprecated mockito-java8 :) )?


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Tim van der Lippe

Jan 26, 2022, 5:27:29 PM1/26/22
to mockito
Hey Marcin,

Yes, that makes sense to me. I think the best place to add this method would be `AdditionalMatchers`. Looking forward to the PR!


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