Getting mochiweb on windows working

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John Smith

Sep 19, 2013, 4:29:53 PM9/19/13
I have been following this guide ( but I am trying to get this on Windows 7 64bit. I understand most people would rather use Linux but for the project I am working on I need it to work on both Linux and Windows.

Basically, I have gotten as far as making my project (make app PROJECT=odse) and then when I go to the project directory and then call make it seems to hang on pulling mochiweb from the git repository.

C:\mochiweb\mochiweb>make app PROJECT=odse
==> mochiweb (create)
Writing ../odse/src/
Writing ../odse/src/odse.erl
Writing ../odse/src/odse_app.erl
Writing ../odse/src/odse_deps.erl
Writing ../odse/src/odse_sup.erl
Writing ../odse/src/odse_web.erl
Writing ../odse/
Writing ../odse/priv/www/index.html
Writing ../odse/.gitignore
Writing ../odse/Makefile
Writing ../odse/rebar.config
Writing ../odse/rebar

C:\mochiweb\mochiweb>cd ../odse

==> odse (get-deps)
Pulling mochiweb from {git,"git://",
make: *** [all] Interrupt

Bob Ippolito

Sep 19, 2013, 4:37:14 PM9/19/13
I don't know anyone who has tried using this on Windows, but if it's hanging at that point I would guess that it's perhaps a problem with the network (firewall perhaps?). Try changing the rebar.config file to point to the http URL and see if that works:

Worst case you could just copy over the dependency instead of having rebar fetch it for you with git. Just make a folder called "deps" and copy over your checkout of mochiweb into that folder (you should have a "odse/deps/mochiweb" folder after that). rebar shouldn't try and get the dependency anymore if it already exists, so you should be fine after that.


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Dave Cottlehuber

Sep 20, 2013, 2:21:39 AM9/20/13
Are you just wanting to run the project on Windows, or also develop on Windows?

erlang, rebar, & Mochiweb work fine on Windows, although many
community erlang modules assume a unix-like shell (msys or cygwin),
make & makefiles.

I've found that git:// urls work better than http ones on Windows, no
useful explanation though.

Here's the setup I use for building CouchDB releases on Windows now: or -
seems chrome doesn't display the former link atm.

I've just checked & under cygwin + R15B03-1 this generates an app
perfectly on Windows.

This might be useful later if your project in future needs end-users
to run rebar without a unixish environment: a portable rebar.cmd that only wants > R14B


John Smith

Sep 20, 2013, 10:59:20 AM9/20/13
Thats got it working, I am not sure why it hangs because I could checkout from the command prompt with no problem, but it works!!!

John Smith

Sep 20, 2013, 11:00:07 AM9/20/13
Right now, I just want it to work. But eventually I will need Windows builds so I will keep those links in mind. Thank you.
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