Implications of the Radical Model of Disability for Advocacy and Clinical Care of Persons Living with Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity

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Safe Living Technologies launches the new and improved Safe and Sound Classic III detector

Unlike any other detector in its price range. A compact, simple to use RF/Microwave detector with a sound signature analysis to help identify RF sources. Detects very short pulses including 5G. Longer battery life. Third-party certified with full frequency response from 200 MHz to 8 GHz.

Implications of the Radical Model of Disability for Advocacy and Clinical Care of Persons Living with Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity

65-minute video with Dr Riina Bray, MD and David Fancy, PhD, produced by Canadians for Safe Technology (!63745?cid=2FF4624BC7546634&resId=2FF4624BC7546634!63745&authkey=!AAD7LU-ZWuuQM0s&ithint=video&e=61t17J   

The Environmental Health Trust has a new website devoted to protecting children in this EMF- filled environment. 

Hear what doctors, scientists, and public health experts say about wireless radiation and the urgent need to protect children. 


Step by step recognition of EHS in the Netherlands


Cece Doucette interviews upcoming documentary's producer/director, Christine Zipps and scientific advisor Prof. Olle Johansson.


Immersed in Danger: The Shocking EMF Risks Lurking in Your VR Headset 


My Healthy Home Summit: Education | Technology | Building Science is online and FREE from April 22 - April 28, 2024.


EMF Hazards Virtual Summit, Starts April 11


Should Concerned Individuals Resort to Antioxidant Supplements Amid 5G Fears?

More and more young people with colon cancer, fears oncologist 

A Montreal oncologist is concerned to see more and more cases of colon cancer in young patients, whereas the disease used to affect almost exclusively people aged 50 and over.

"Something is going on, and we need to start dealing with it seriously," pleads oncologist Jamil Asselah of the McGill University Health Centre (MUHC).

Historically, over 90% of colon cancers occurred in people aged 50 and over," says Dr. Asselah. They were extremely rare at 30 and exceptional at 18.

"Lately, I've been seeing more and more young people in my clinic [...] I don't know the percentages, but they're no longer the historical percentages in medical books," notes the specialist.

According to him, 15-20% of colon cancer cases now affect people under 50. "It's not just in Quebec, it's in all developed societies," continues Dr. Asselah.

He believes that more research is needed to pinpoint the cause, but that there are possible explanations in the form of chemicals in the environment or junk food that disrupt the intestinal flora.

However, cancers in younger people tend to be more aggressive, hence the importance of detecting them early. 

Source :

Devra Davis commented:

''It might help if you were to forward him the article by me, and Anthony Miller, on the rising colorectal cancer rates that are occurring now all over the world and people under 50 and particularly under 40 where the rates have gone from being very rare to being much less rare. The fact is colorectal cancer cells can be accelerated in their growth by EMFs.''

Longer-terms measurements needed for varying magnetic fields generated by renewables on power lines 

From Canadian Building Biologist Katharina Gustavs <> wrote:

I just translated an article about the changing patterns of ELF magnetic field levels around high-voltage power lines. Very interesting. I have not seen that in BC yet; this province runs mostly on hydro power.

In a new article in the Building Biology Magazine, Dr. Manfred Mierau, a seasoned Building Biology Professional from Germany, shares his latest measurements of ELF magnetic field levels around high-voltage power lines. 

According to the author, ELF magnetic fields have always fluctuated, anywhere from 2 to 4 times higher during high-exposure periods. With the current shift to use significantly more renewable energy sources; however, otherwise more or less predictable exposure patterns are about to change drastically. 

Check out the long-term measurement data in the article here:

High-voltage power lines and electromagnetic pollution — what’s new?

Hochspannungsleitungen und Elektrosmog – was ist neu?

For long-term measurements of ELF magnetic fields around high-voltage power lines, the author recommends the following measurement durations.

-  In the past, at least 2 to 3 days were sufficient most of the time.

-  In the future, at least 7 days are required (as the energy mix of the power grid changes).

-  Acquiring load information from the utility proves useful.

Katharina Gustavs

EMF Consultant | 250-642-2774 |

Oldies but goodies


Reports on smart meter problems

You Sure Drink a Lot of Tea! Smart meter data can show what’s going on in a home, because tea kettles, toasters, and other appliances have identifiable load signatures.


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