Children are vulnerable to mobile radiation

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P.S. Yesterday I got this Google translation (see below in blue) from Alvena Pauls.

From: Olle Johansson
Sent: Monday, August 27, 2012 1:59 AM
Subject: “Barn er sårbare for mobilstråling”/”Children are vulnerable
to mobile radiation”

Ännu en ny debattartikel:
Yet a new commentary:

Johansson O [oversatt og tilrettelagt av Iver Mysterud], “Barn er
sårbare for mobilstråling” (=”Children are vulnerable to mobile
radiation”, in Norwegian), Helsemagasinet VOF 2012; 3(5): 14-16
[enclosed as a pdf]

Olle Johansson, professor
The Experimental Dermatology Unit
Department of Neuroscience
Karolinska Institute
171 77 Stockholm

(From the Google Translator)

Children are vulnerable to mobile phone radiation

WHO classified the last electromagnetic fields from wireless information as 
possible carcinogens. What we expose children and young people?

Text Olle Johansson Translated and adapted by Iver Mysterud

Researchers, including Norway, have found that one learns letters more 
effective if you get hand-writing. The brain receives feedback from motor 
skills when writing by hand. The letters also provide impression in the 
motor memory in the brain's speech center. Draw The form connected with our 
way and express them, which promotes learning. Studies also show clearly 
that children who have learned to write by hand, remember the letters much 
better than those who just have to use the keyboard.

For time is an ongoing debate in Sweden about the school and children's 
learning. "Fornyerne" will replace textbooks and pens with the new wireless 
reading levels. Other highlights a cautionary educational finger.

These new wireless tools flooding Now schools and homes. Examples of such 
radiation sources are wireless routers, computers with wireless network 
adapters, wireless fixed phones, tablets (like the iPad) and mobile phones. 
While there are already several years ago demonstrated that exposure of such 
equipment, the electromagnetic fields can have strong biological effects and 
negative health effects.

Extensive documentation
There are now many scientific evidence that children are probably more 
vulnerable to pulsed microwave radiation than adults, and new research 
shows, among other serious effects on behavior and innlæringsevne.i, ii, iii 
It encourages general agreement among scientists that electromagnetic fields 
penetrated deeper into in the brain in children than in adults because 
children's skulls are thinner. There is also broad consensus that children 
are more susceptible to harmful effects of radiation because their bodies 
are developing. Children are not "little adults"!

WHO classified the last electromagnetic fields from wireless information as 
possible kreftframkallende.iv European Council Environment Committee 
requires in its Resolution 1815 of May 2011 strong measures to protect the 
public against cellular trawl applying effects. Among other things, it will 
have the ban on mobile phones and wireless internet in schools for the sake 
of children helse.v Committee will also lower the threshold for mobile 
sharply, which is fully consistent with the requirements of 
Seletunrapportens In this report requires an international group of 
scientists stop the further development of the wireless systems and new 
values. Seletun science panel (The Seletun Scientific Panel) published in 
February 2010 a resolution by a number of common positions and 
recommendations, based on a review of research that was then available on 
the health effects of electromagnetic felt.Error: Reference source not found 
Since then it has made even more rapporter.vii, viii, ix, x, xi, xii, xiii

Light radiation?
Sometimes we see the debate, some - often represent a radiation authority - 
claims that there is no danger because "radiation is so weak." Light in 
relation to what, I ask myself.

Today seated child in radiation levels that easily can be 1018 (a trillion) 
times higher than our natural background radiation. How did such a number 

Children who use a laptop for downloading from wireless internet, are 
exposed to as much radiation (about 1,000 microwatts per square foot and up) 
as if they were close to a base station for mobile telephone (50-100 
meters). There are many parents who are not aware of this. The numbers are 
not taken out of the air, but in the public polls that the Norwegian Post 
and Telecommunications Authority has made, including in schools in Oslo. 
Whether it concerns base stations, wireless networks or mobile phones, are 
we talking about the same type of radiation (range 1 to 2.5 gigahertz).

Behavioral Problems
A group of researchers in California recently conducted a large study of 
mobile phone use in pregnant kvinner.xiv They studied children who were born 
in Denmark some years (1998/1999) and interviewed mothers about their mobile 
phone use during pregnancy. They also asked about the child's cell phone use 
and behavior.

To the researchers' surprise, it turned out that the mothers who had used 
their phones most during pregnancy had the greatest risk of having children 
with behavioral problems, both autism and AD / HD-like behavior. The 
increase in risk was statistically significant and also increased further if 
the child used a mobile phone.

Such a study might not be sufficient to conclude that electromagnetic fields 
are dangerous for children. German researchers wanted to measure the 
radiation dose to children and young people are exposed to in daily life. 
They asked about 3000 children and adolescents in Bavaria to carry a 
dosimeter from morning to night. Dosimeters measured the radiation from cell 
phones, base stations and wireless networks.

It turned out that the quarter of the children who had been most exposed to 
radiation, more concentration problems at night than the rest of the kids. 
The same group also had more headaches and were more irritated than other 
youngsters. The result was again statistically signifikant.xv

Stress Hormones
An important question is which (n) mechanism (s) that could explain these 
symptoms in children and adolescents. The two German researchers Buchner and 
Eger measured levels of stress hormones in 60 residents of an area before 
you mounted one basestasjon.xvi Then they were again measured after six 
months and again after 1 ½ years after the antenna became operational. It 
turned out that residents had much higher levels of stress hormones 
epinephrine and norepinephrine six months after the base station was put 
into operation, and after another year the situation was not improved. It is 
obviously harmful to living with a constant stress situation in the body.

Effects on the fetus
Believing now that this is not just about children. No, even fetuses 
affected significantly and in a particularly alarming manner. Chinese 
scientists have studied the effects of mobile phone radiation on 
rottefostre.xvii researchers measured changes in both nerve cell 
neurotransmitters and effects on antioxidative enzymes that will protect our 
cells against oxidative stress. Conclusion? Mobile Trawl Inga during 
pregnancy resulted in damage to fetuses brains! They were thus born with 
brain damage. What mothers and fathers will?

Based on the above, urging the People Strålevernxviii in Norway parents of a 
formal agreement to which parents do not agree that the school or 
kindergarten expose their children to microwave radiation from wireless 
communication technology either in the classroom or indoor general. As 
parents encouraged Mon to also require that school / kindergarten adopt 
precautionary measures to minimize radiation exposure and the institution as 
soon as possible goes back to wired solutions for computer networks and 
internal telephone. The guardians are also encouraged to demand answers on 
who is responsible if the child is injured because of strålingseksponeringa.

Students and teachers report more frequently if abnormal fatigue in their 
work environment, ie school, and one can not currently dismiss the suspicion 
that exposure from wireless networks represent a significant and unnecessary 
risk to our children's and teachers' health. Academic course is not 
particularly complicated, as if for a layman may seem difficult to assess. 
The lack of knowledge is due today entirely inadequate research resources, 
not lack of ideas, hypotheses, theories or engagement.

It is impressive that the People Radiation now taking the initiative to 
protect the health of children and staff in schools and kindergartens and 
schools. But when will our responsible politicians realize that this issue 
deserves attention? Perhaps it is time to give our politicians understand 
their own boards instead of a tablet?

About the author
Olle Johansson (born 1953) is an associate professor of neuroscience at the 
Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm. He is interested in and researched the 
effects of electromagnetic radiation for decades. E-mail: Olle.Johansson @


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