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Apr 29, 2013, 3:00:08 AM4/29/13
 The following is the heartbreaking story of a mother who watched her son die from microwave radiation. It speaks for itself.

Dear Reporters and Editors of LA Times;
          My name is Virginia Farver from Fort Collins, CO..  I want to share my Story with you, and why the Smart Grid-Metering is so very dangerous.  I lost my Beautiful, Young Son from GBM-Glioblastoma Multiforme Brain Cancer on October 11, 2008.  Rich, had attended SDSU ( San Diego State University ), and was working and living in San Diego at the time of diagnosis.  Dr. Vrijish Tantuwaya, a Neurosurgeon from Poway, California told the family that his," Cell Phone was the cause."  Dr. Richard Marschke, an Ocologist here in CO., told the family that this was," Not genetic."
          On August 7, 2009 approximately 10 months after my Son's death I typed in,' Cancer Clusters.'  The very 1st articles were about a - Breast Cancer Cluster on the UCSD San Diego campus.  Many women in the Literature Building on campus were diagnosed, and many died from there disease.  I cannot get some of the links to come up.  If you type in,' NYTimes, 2009 UCSD Breast Cancer Cluster,' there is a link that you must read.  In this link ,there is  highlighted in blue - FULL REPORT.    Dr. Leeka Khiefets from the - Electrical Power Research Institute - was commissioned by UCSD to write a report on this Cancer Cluster.  Page 4 of this report, there have been many other cancer deaths than reported.  Page 27, is a special Thanks to Jim Turman from SDG&E - San Diego Gas & Electric in California.  Both of these people should have been Removed from conducting any investigations.  This was a Complete Conflict of Interest!!!  UCSD had an Epidemiological Report written, and the investigation stopped there.

           I then saw articles about a,' Brain Cancer Cluster on the SDSU Campus.'  I ended up on the floor.  Rich, is the graduate student mentioned in these.  I'll put the links below.  I started to contact the SDSU Administration and found this futile.  I then drove out to San Diego staying the whole month of October, 2009.  I met with Professors Nancy Speckmann, and Farid Abdel-Nour off campus for meetings.  Both Professors told me that Rich, would spend long hours in Nasatir Hall, Room 131.  Rich, was a TA for Nancy Speckmann, and would meet students, grade papers, and be in this room on weekends studying.  Nasatir Hall, room 131 is the Building, and room on campus where most of the cancer victims were located.  

          Afer arriving back home to CO., the SDSU Administration sent me an,' Epidemiological Report,' written by Dr. Thomas Mack.  3rd paragraph in this report, he mentions that he has," No known knowledge of Chemical or Radiation Concerns, and therefore are none."  I immediately e-mailed Dr. Mack.  Dr. Mack promptly called me at home.  I asked Dr. Mack about a HUGE Cell tower directly outside of Nasatir Hall, Room 131.  Dr. Mack denied this could be the cause, and brushed this notion off rather quickly.  I then told him of," Everyones Concerns."  Dr. Mack replied," they should be concerned."  This comment made me furious, and quite frankly, made absolutely NO sense.  Because of Dr. Mack's Epidemiological Report, the SDSU Administration will not conduct a Toxicology Study.  These Professors requested one, and were denied.  I have requested one on several ocassions, never receiving a response.  I contacted the Governors Office, area Representative Marti Emerald, the Mayors Office, and many governmental agencies.  This may answer,'Why,' I have not received any help:


        I decided to look into this so called,' cell phone,' tower on my own.  It is HPWREN - High Performance Wireless Research and Educational Network, a Backbone Node to the UCSD Supercomputer Center in San Diego.  It is also GWEN - Ground Wave Emergency Network, with emissions known to hug the ground.  Nasatir Hall, Room 131 is located on the bottom 1st floor of a 3 story building.  HPWREN is connected to the Lambda Rail ( Grid ), Tera Grid, PRAGAMA Grid.  Combined, these are the,' SMART GRID.'  It is the Engineers and Scientists behind the grid who are developing Smart/AMI meters, Smart Dust, Drones, RNM technologies, among many others.  These Grids are located on many college campuses across the US, and other Countries, forming a World Grid.  There are 2 sites on the SDSU Campus.  One on top of the Communications Building ( which towers above Nasatir Hall ), and one on top of the KPBS News Station on campus.  Both are within 1/4 mile of each other, and are considered being located on the highest points of campus.  HPWREN includes Homeland Security, DoE, DoD, DARPA, Air Force, Navy, NIH-National Institutes of Health, SPAWARS, NASA-Inmarsat Satellite, Emergency Services, and MANY HUGE Corporations.  The University of Alaska is connected through the Grid system, with research through the HAARP facility in Alaska.  HPWREN is funded by the NSF - National Science Foundation, OUR Tax Dollars:                                                www.gi.alaska.edu/students/PARS
                                              HPWREN SPAWARS: http://hpwren.ucsd.edu/news/20060720/
                                GWEN - Ground Wave Emergency Network, located on Government Property, and on tops of Communications Buildings:
                                                                       HPWREN-Communications Building:  http://hpwren.ucsd.edu/news/021223.html
                                                                                                                  GWEN:  coldwwar-c4i.net
                                                                             HPWREN - Inmarsat Satellite:   http://hpwren.ucsd.edu/news/010926.html
                                                                                                    Inmarsat GRID:   www.inmarsat.com/Support/Manuals/index.htm
                                                                          KNOWN SDSU BRAIN CANCER VICTIMS:
RICH FARVER - my Son.  Diagnosed with GBM Brain Cancer, March 2008, died October 11, 2008 - 1 week after his 29th Birthday/ Nasatir Hall, Room 131, facing HPWREN cell tower.
LOU TERRELL - diagnosed with Primary Brain Lymphoma ( Brain Cancer ), 2008/ Nasatir Hall, Room next to 131 facing HPWREN cell tower
CHARLES CUTTER - diagnosed with GBM Brain Cancer, died June 18, 2009/ Nasatir Hall, Room 131, facing HPWREN cell tower
DWIGHT ANDERSON - diagnosed with Different Form of Cancer, and died/ Nasatir Hall, Room 131, facing HPWREN cell tower
MRS. KATHY O'HARA - diagnosed with GBM Brain Cancer, May 2008/ KPBS News Station on campus.  Still alive, fall 2011, however not doing well.
MS. LAUREL AMTOWER - diagnosed with GBM Brain Cancer, November 2009, died August 29, 2010/ Arts & Letters Building on campus, right next to Nasatir Hall ( within yards ).  Laurel died at the age of 44, and left behind a 12 year old daughter.
RICHARD FUNSTON - diagnosed, and died from GBM Brain Cancer in 1993 with cell tower present, and taken down in 1995.  To once again, be replaced.
? POSSIBLE NEW VICTIM - SAMANTHA STAUBER - 20 years old with classes in Arts & Letters
          After the death of Ms. Laurel Amtower on August 29, 2010 I contacted San Diego NBC Producer Paul Krueger.  Paul said," Another one?"  Paul, asked me to send in my informaiton, - SILENCE!  My 1st experience with the tightly controlled main stream News.  A reporter from the,' San Diego Tribune,' called me at home one day.  This gentleman ( who would not reveal his name ), told me that this Story would,' Never get out in San Diego.'  I asked," Why?"  He replied," Because of MONEY."  I was very thankful of his call.
         This Story was Instrumental in the WHO - World Health Organization reclassifying Non-Ionizing Radiation to a Class 2B Carcinogen, May 2011, the same as DDT and Lead.  This classification was Very close to being a Class 2A carcinogen.  Ionizing Radiation ( XRays ), damage Cells or DNA instantly.  Non-Ionizing Radiation ( ALL Wireless ), is ACCUMULATIVE, the more received, the more Cell ,or DNA damage.  This is true for Cell phones, Cell towers, Microwave ovens, Power-lines, WI-Fi, Smart/ AMI Meters.  Smart Meters emit PULSED Microwaves.  Between 10,000, and 200,000 pulses per meter, per day, per household The human body tries to recover after EACH pulse.  This will BLANKET our neighborhoods, and cities in RF Radiation!!
         ALL cell phone manuals say to keep away from heads, and bodies.  BlackBerry Torch manual ( no longer in production ):  keep .98 inches away from heads, and bodies, and for Pregnant Women, and Teenagers to avoid putting these devices near their lower abdomens.  Please Watch ALL:  Sprint, Verizon, T-Mobile cell phone commercials.  The Industry Reps., were caught during hearings in Maine.  These commercials no longer show actors with a cell phones being held near their heads, or bodies!  Last week the Country of Belgium is now issuing warnings about kids using cell phones, and their addictions to wireless devices.  A childs brain is not fully developed until their mid 20's. 
Olle Johansson - Karolinska Institute, Sweden.  WHO - World Health Organization Member.  Was DEMOTED after the WHO reclassifying non-ionizing radiation to a Class 2B.  
Susan Foster - Medical Writer in San Diego.  Has written for the,' Fire Fighters Union,' - cell towers on firestations
Devra Davis - Environmental Health Trust - wrote,' Disconnect'
Cindy Sage - Bioinitiative Group- wrote,' Bioinitiative Report - 1 hour of WI-Fi is equal to 20 minutes of cell phone exposure, Cell or DNA Damage at 300 hours
Janet Newton - EMR Policy Institute
Christine Hoch - SAFERWIRELESS
Ellie Marks - Calfornia Brain Tumor Association - Testified on Capital Hill with Arlen Spector
Lloyd Morgan and Sam Milham - International EMF Collaborative :  Cell Phones and Brain Tumors, 15 Reasons for Concern.
                                                                                                         Dirty Electricity - mentions UCSD
                                                                                                         FLAWS of the Interphone Study
Deb Carney - Attorney with the,' Lookout Moutain Cell Towers in Denver,' - 4x's the normal amount of Brain Tumors in this area.
Katie Singer - Author - Releasing a book, june or july 2013 - The Electric Silent Spring
          The HPWREN cell tower is still on campus.  There is an OUTdoor courtyard directly underneath this cell tower.  I was on campus, daily for 3 weeks, fall 2011.  I observed kids sitting under this cell tower for hours, day after day.  There are newly constructed,' Fraternity Row Housing Units,' across the street from the KPBS News Station, and cell tower on campus.  Again, watched Boys sitting on balconies for hours, and hours.  Some of these new Fraternity units are newly adorned with metal windows, and metal balcony railings, which attract radiation.  How many of these kids will become ill, or already have?  Some form of Cancer, No doubt!!  Many, without this knowledge!!  I not only fear for these kids, I fear for Humanity!
         Attached is a picture of this cell tower that I took Fall 2009.  The cell tower is on top of the Communications Building, and Nasatir Hall, is located on the lower left in the picture.  Nasatir Hall, Room 131 is the bottom 1st floor window.  Fall 2011 this room was completely boarded up with cardboard lining the windows.  Why?  Is there something to hide?  OF COURSE!!!!  These,' Criminal THUGS knew, and know, how dangerous this HPWREN cell tower was, and IS!!  Notice the DEAD TREE FOLIAGE on the surrounding trees.  This answers Everything!
                                                                       " I don't have to pay for it, and I don't have to go through the FCC"
                                                                                    " If I was the FCC, I would BUST these guys"
        The,' Carlsbad Cancer Cluster,' involved many kids.  Again, an 'Epidemiological Report,' was written. Dr. Thomas Mack was helping in this investigation.  These epidemiologists are being paid I'm sure," Handsomely," for their efforts, all the the expense of our kids, and families lives.  Had the proper investigations into this Cancer Clusters been done, the whole - SMART GRID, could have been avoided.  There are High Tension Power-Lines that cross the,' Kelly Elementary Property,' and near residential areas.  1Toxin + 1 Toxin = 1000.  TOXICOLOGY STUDIES ARE THE PROPER PROCEDURES!!!  Epidemiological Studies are nothing but, mere statistics!
        Rich, experienced many symptoms that I now know as,' Electro-Sensitivity Symptoms.'  Headaches, Nausea, Heart Palpatations, Sinus Problems, ( Rich, was suffering from daily nose bleeds, and had a Dr's appointment for March 14, 2008, but ended up at Sharpes Memorial Hospital on the evening of March 13, 2008 with bleeding in the brain ), Endocrine Problems, ( Rich, was suffering from under arm sweating, which mysteriously disappeared after leaving SDSU ), Rashes, Memory or Concentration Problems.  Rich, was applying for Law School in the California area at the time of diagnosis.  I recall a conversation.  Rich said," Mom, even if I get into Law School, I don't know if I can make it through?"  I replied," Why, would you say such a thing?"  He said," I cannot seem to remember things."  Yet, another sign, if only I had known!  This has DESTROYED my life, and the lives of my family.  I have 1 remaining Son.  These Symtoms are REAL, and should not be taken lightly!!  Attached is a picture of Rich, when he 1st arrived in San Diego.  The 2nd picture is of graduation.  Notice the skin coloring difference between the two.  He looks COOKED in his graduation picture, and WAS!!  He is also squinting with his right eye in his graduation picture.  This is where the tumor was located, the right frontal lobe.  Rich, was 6'2", and very healthy!
       A comforting thought to leave you with.  With the release of 4G, and these Smart/AMI meters, we will," ALL be living in the same amount of radiation during a given day, as these SDSU Brain Cancer Victims."  Many of whom, were not in this area of campus for long.  Rich, 3 years, Laurel Amtower, 3 years.
 I've heard by these Experts," End Stages for this type of radiation in our lives."  4G alone has Doubled all Cell, and Antenna strengths.  Besides being exposed to a Cell Phone wave, there is now a DATA-WAVE.'  Isreal, did not allow 4G.  
Virginia Farver
970-689-3798 corded landline only 
Submitted by John Weigel

Informant: Martin Weatherall
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