WHERE are All the Mobile and TETRA Masts that today MAR our communities?

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Dec 28, 2007, 2:42:44 AM12/28/07
to mobilfunk_...@googlegroups.com
Dear all.
About this letter, which some of you will have received a carbon copy of by now.
Look at this: Ideal World,  http://actonco2.direct.gov.uk/index.html
I got so pi..ed off with the TV advert tonight that I went stright to the "Inkwell" (yeah computerised modern one)
to tell them off for only telling us about What is Convenient for Them. NOT for what is making a mess or is important!
I am So Fed up with the hypocracy crap that I would Really like to go for them Big Time to ask them to deliver data and numbers.
I have tried before, they told me to go to Ofcom, as they did not know anything about Industry, Ofcom never got back to me.( Big surprise!)
But, their New TV advert shows Industrial Chimneys, and Industrial properties, so now they HAVE to know!
So please support me here.
Lets pester them. Please!
They HAVE to know, it follows the job!
So please pester and ask others (friends) to do so to.
Best regards.
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Sent: Friday, December 28, 2007 12:44 AM
Subject: Your perfect "Green Community" graphic illustration and TV advert! (something is sorely missing!)

Dear Sirs.
I deeply admire your graphics, I can see my former home and present place of work in a perfect setting in complete
harmony in a perfect community, but something "REAL LIFE" is Sorely Missing, for this picture to be REAL!
WHERE are All the Mobile and TETRA Masts that today MAR our communities??
Where is the Mobile Mast that is situated less than 30 metres from my former home? 
(the one we had to flee because of the microwave radiation that made us ill!)
As Well as the one situated next to my place of work, and on roof of the next office unit, and as well as the one
on the top of our community hospital, fire and police station and next to the primary and secondary schools in our village??
How come you have forgotten them???
SURELY THEY USE ELECTRICITY,  and not just a little, but, LOADS! : and 24/7/365!!
The Masts are Everwhere, 50-60000 in this country already, by now!
Next to our homes, places of work, our childrens schools, in short everywhere, like locust! 
What I want to know is: Where on your site can we calculate the Carbon Footprint of the Mobile Masts cluttering OUR WORLD??
Your "Perfect Green World"  is totally devoid of Mobile Masts!
It only includes Our washing machines, Cookers, TV sets, Woodburners and Kettles.
But, come to think of it, how come you have forgotten the "Microwave"
How come??
In your new TV advert the Mobile Masts are NON-Existant as well!!
If I remember rightly  I PAY for that TV advert, as a taxpayer !
So, please let me know WHERE to find the information I am asking for, which is to spell it out AGAIN:
WHERE CAN I CALCULATE THE "Carbon Footprint" of the 50-60000 Mobile Masts in Britain, (today).
Awaiting your early answer I remain
Yours faithfully.
Agnes Ingvarsdottir.
Glen Lea. Upper Colwall.
Nr. Malvern.
WR13 6DH Herefordshire.
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