Long term use of cell phones may increase the risk of brain tumour

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Informant: Lourdes Salvador

Long term use of cell phones may increase the risk of brain tumour
By  NI Wire
New Delhi

Oct 09: If you are used to have a long talk on cell phones especially keeping it on the same side, keep a check on the practice you may run a risk of brain tumour if continued for long.

Recently a Study published in ‘Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine’ revealed that those people who talk on cell phone for more than one hour a day for ten years run the double risk of brain cancer. Long term use of cellular phones can increase the risk of brain cancer says the study conducted by the Orebro University of Sweden aimed at evaluating the brain tumour risk among long term cell users.

Two group studies were conducted along with the 16 case control studies. The group study was not as valuable as the 16 case control studies. Study was conducted in different parts of the world, Germany, USA, Finland, Denmark and Sweden.

Out of 16 cases control studies 11 delivered results in which 4 studies showed an association with acoustic tumour of nerve tissues. Though one study showed no risk six others gave results for malignant brain tumours in the latency period or for more than 10 years.

In simple terms what study suggests is a consistent pattern of increased risk of acoustic neuroma and glioma that too highest for ipsilateral exposure (exposure on the same side).

The study says that the increasing use of wireless technology in communication such as cellular phones put people at health risks especially the risk of brain tumour due to the proximity of the brain to the radiation antenna which can absorb a large amount of electromagnetic energy.

Study also says that 10 years latency period is a reasonable period to indicate long term carcinogenic risks from exposure to radio frequency fields at the time of use of cellular phones.

A marking feature of this study has been that unlike other previous studies which did not make an assessment of the use of digital enhanced cordless telecommunications.

In India ICMR Indian Council of Medical Research is studying the role of mobile phones and its effect on memory, sleep patterns and hearing capability.

The conclusions of the research are alarming especially for India as every month the number of mobile users is increasing.

Presently the only solution may be judicious and cautious use of the mobile phone and all time clinging to mobile should be avoided. Further studies should be conducted to assess and confirm the results.

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