FRANCE: Mobiles set to be banned in schools

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Oct 10, 2009, 2:32:30 AM10/10/09
Good evening,

09 10 2009

Attention is all very complicated!

Original Senate attached.

Nothing binding (prohibition) on WiFi and WiMax, see below.

The key decisions concerning the confirmation of the ban on mobile
phones in primary schools and colleges, but it already existed! and was
not applied!

The Senators have all denied a series of proposals, including
unregistered SAR on the mobile, the safety distance of 100 meters for
all the phone masts in relation to sensitive areas, etc.. . . see
details in attachment.

Subsequently a news summary will be distributed.

Also that day: 17.7% more deaths on the road due to alcohol and mobile

The news of the day:


TV5 World





Romandie News (CH)

Actu Voila


Charente Libre

etc . . .


Report BBC in progress

SENAT (France) WiFi and WiMax

Article 14 The Wi-Fi function of all Wi-Fi-equipped devices is deactivated

by default. Instruction booklets contain clear and visible information
about the health risks of using Wi-Fi and preventative measures to take
when it is activated.

Article 15 Where possible, in public buildings wired connections will be

obligatory for all new communications networks, except in special
circumstances which are in the public interest. Where possible,
existing Wi-Fi installations will be replaced by wired networks within 5
years of the promulgation of the present law.

Article 16 WiMax roll-out is suspended for 5 years from the promulgation

of the present law and will be replaced by wired broadband.

For French Schools and Mobile Phone advice in France see below.

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Bon Soir

We have a major paper running an article tomorrow on this story - this
Saturday and we nee to know the extent of the Senate bill which was
passed - is there anyway of finding the original draft bill and what
does it cover. There is a rumour that WiFi and wimax is included.

Please RSVP to allow us ot brief in the journalist.


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Mobiles set to be banned in schools

October 09, 2009

CHILDREN under 15 could soon be banned from bringing a mobile phone to

school under new rules being examined in parliament this week.

The Senate has voted in favour of the regulations, which would prohibit the

use of mobiles in infant, junior and secondary schools ­ écoles maternelles,


mentaires and collèges. Lycée pupils would not be affected.

Senators have also agreed to a ban on mobile phone advertising targeted at

children under 14.

The proposals will now be examined by the National Assembly, which has

previously considered an advertising age limit of 12.

The proposed ban in schools comes after a survey by TNS Sofres found that

half of all 12 to 17-year-olds use their mobile phone in lessons.

They send texts, play games ­ and 7% of teens admitted that they had

secretly filmed a teacher in mid-lesson.

About half of the 500 schoolchildren questioned said they had been caught at

least once when their mobile phone started to ring in class.

A ban on mobiles is likely to anger some parents. Child protection charity

Action Innocence said it was against the ban because it would make it more

difficult for children to get help if they were in danger on the way to or

from school.


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