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Apr 20, 2013, 3:54:35 AM4/20/13


Port Franks, ON:  Ask Laureen Maurizio what it is like to be forced from your home and she will tell you that no amount of preparation can steel you for the mental anguish. 


An active member of the Lakeshore Coalition, Ms. Maurizio has lobbied to prevent the construction of Bell Mobility's telecom tower at Seven Winds Marina in Port Franks. Initially motivated by serious environmental concerns regarding the tower's placement adjacent to Ausable-Port Franks Conservation Area, the 54 year old grandmother became aware of possible economic and multiple health issues that can arise from involuntary exposure to radio-frequency electromagnetic radiation (RF-EMR).  


When Bell Tower #W1888 went 'live' March 21st, Laureen Maurizio felt an overwhelming oppression settle over her; followed by headache, neuralgia pain in her temples, dehydration and loss of the ability to concentrate, among other symptoms. "That night I slept in the basement" said Maurizio.  The following day, two friends arrived to remove her from her home. There were dangerously high levels of radiation from the tower antennae, one of which is aimed directly at her house which is situated high on a dune two blocks from the tower.


Ms. Maurizio believes “Under the Human Rights Act, I have a right to live in a safe environment, free from harm.  This Bell tower poses an immediate threat to my life, liberty and security.  I can’t live in my own home!  That is a direct threat to me personally.”  Attempts to reach either the Ontario Health Minister or Minister of Health Canada have been futile.  Countless phone calls are redirected to other departments unable to help.  Bell denies the existence of what is called "Non-Thermal" health effects and has assured her that no modifications will be made to the tower.  This does not preclude them adding more antennae in future, which would conceivably worsen the situation.


Members of the Lakeshore Coalition and Lambton Shores Municipal Council requested Bell refrain from building in Port Franks, advising that many residents would be made ill in the tower’s radius.  The 2012 BioInitiative Report suggests a limit of 3 to 6 microwatts per meter squared (µm/m2) for a healthy adult.  A building biologist measured 8,000 µm/m2 outside Maurizio’s home and 163.3 µm/m2  inside the kitchen.  While these readings are far below Canada’s Safety Code 6, which protects human tissue from burning, Health Canada has not yet recognized the ‘Non-Thermal’ effects of radio-frequency electromagnetic radiation that other countries do.  Maurizio hopes the tower will be disabled and that the regulation will be changed so that she may return to her home.



Melissa Chalmers                                   OR                                         Laureen Maurizio

Lakeshore Coalition                                                                              Lakeshore Coalition


Informant: Martin Weatherall  
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