Children's Brain Tissue Gets More Cell Phone Radiation: Health Canada says that it is safe?

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Jul 23, 2008, 12:18:16 AM7/23/08
Here are two entirely different stories. The first, from two leading
scientific research labs, indicates that children absorb twice as much
radiation from cell phones as adults. The second story states that
Health Canada claims that there is no danger from radiation when
children use cell phones.

Something does not add up. We already know from other research, that
adult cell phone users with ten years of heavy cell phone use, can
increase the chance of brain cancer by double. Now we are being made
aware that children absorb twice the amount of radiation as adults.
Surely that points to the fact that children may get brain cancer at
least four times more than normal in a ten year period. In fifteen years
is it going to be ten times more? Will anyone live past the age of
forty, if they use a cell phone from childhood?

The real issue is, that nobody knows! There has been no research! There
are no results so the only sensible thing to do is to invoke the
precautionary principle and don't do anything stupid until you know the

You must be concerned about the reasons why Health Canada has ignored
the precautionary principle and much scientific research. Are they
trying to please the cell phone industry? Can their actions be classed
as criminal negligence?

As a Canadian, I am ashamed at Health Canada's careless attitude and
their lack of leadership with such an important subject. We cannot
afford to permanently harm children, the future of our country. There
are many scientific studies which clearly show that electromagnetic
radiation similar to that used by cell phones (cordless phones and WiFi)
is highly dangerous and can cause cancer and other serious harm to
health. This information must be made more widely known to parents so
that they are made aware of the dangers and can make informed decisions.
See the attached document - Cell phone radiation poses a serious
biological and health risk - Dr. Neil Cherry.

Martin Weatherall


The brains of young children absorb twice as much as RF energy from a
cell phone as those of adults, according to two leading European
research labs. Children's bone marrow and eyes also get more radiation

Read the whole story at:

[ ]


Louis Slesin


Cellphones safe for children No evidence to support Toronto

1 Cell phone radiation poses a serious biological and health risk Neil Cherry.pdf

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Jul 23, 2008, 12:29:38 AM7/23/08
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