Milton Keynes Council is launching Wimax but is it dangerous ?

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Nov 21, 2007, 6:24:18 PM11/21/07
FYI via Webmaster.


I am bringing you this information because I believe it is important.
However I am a layman in such things and do not understand all the
implications. I saw on TV that the Milton Keynes council is
introducing broad band internet access

I then read that it is starting this Wimax service with schoolchildren

There is more information at

There is so much fuss about mobile phone masts and the effects of
“Wifi”. So I used Google with the search phrase “Wimax dangers” please
try it. I was horrified by what I read.

For example

“Wimax seem to be very dangerous. On the same day themunicipality of
Götene in Sweden started sending several persons got acute life
threatening symptoms: difficulties to breathe, heart arrythmia etc. At
least 5 persons had to leave their homes.”

Milton Keynes is planning to put up more masts using this even more
powerful microwave wireless technology and has started by giving it to
schoolchildren. Apparently it is much more powerful says “WiMAX is WiFi on steroids.”

Also from what I read users of this Wimax technology have to have some
kind of microwave receiving and transmitting device in their homes!
This sounds like madness to me.


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