Europe Report: Call for action to reduce harm from mobile phone radiation

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Jan 29, 2013, 4:03:27 PM1/29/13
The report makes four specific recommendations about cell phones:

a. Governments, the mobile phone industry, and the public should take all reasonable measures to reduce EMR exposure, especially from mobile phones, particularly exposure to children and young adults who are likely most at risk for brain and salivary gland tumors. The report recommends texting, use of hands-free sets, and improved design of phones which generate less radiation and make hands-free use more convenient.

b. Governments should reconsider the scientific basis for the present exposure standards “which have serious limitations such as reliance on the contested thermal effects paradigm; and simplistic assumptions about the complexities of radio frequency exposures.”

c. Mobile phones should be required to have effective labeling and warnings about potential risks for users.

d. Adequate funding should be provided for the “urgently needed research into the health effects of phones” and base stations. Funding could include industry grants and a small fee on the purchase and/or use of mobile phones.

It is time for the U.S. to end its two decades of denial and assume a leadership role in adopting precautionary measures to reduce the potential harms associated with exposure to mobile phone radiation. Otherwise we may a steep price in terms of preventable health care costs, lost productivity, and reduced quality of life.

Part C - Emerging issues [4.2 MB] See Pages 541 to 561 re Mobile Phone Dangers

Informant: Martin Weatherall
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