URGENT Call for Letters/stop WiFi in L.A. Schools

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Feb 10, 2013, 11:34:25 AM2/10/13
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The Agenda for next week's LAUSD School Board meeting was posted this afternoon.  We now have confirmation that the Board of Education will be taking action on Phase I of a three-phase program that will, if all three Phases are complete, install WiFi and tablets or laptops in most L.A. Unified District school rooms.  The distribution will very probably be at a 1:1 ratio -- meaning every single student will have a device and virtually EVERY CLASSROOM WILL BE SATURATED WITH WIFI.
This means that 700,000 teachers and over 45,000 teachers and will be subjected to constant WiFi in school rooms for 6 hours a day.
If we can bring a stop to this, this will set a very important precedent such as those in school systems in Europe and parts of Canada. If this gets voted down, we can proudly say that the second largest school system in the United States has made the health of children a priority, while meeting educational goals by using WIRED technology.
The Bond Oversight Committee approved the expenditure of $50 million for phase I two weeks ago in a 9-6 vote, but the Board has not taken action yet. IT'S NOT TOO LATE!
It is CRITICAL that we stop this before it happens or, if we can't stop it, it is CRITICAL that we go on record with what we know.
Phase I involves $50 million in expenditures.  By the time Phase III is completed, the program could cost as much as $900 million. 
It is important that we make the case that we are not against technology in education and that we support all the educational goals of bringing L.A. students quality education and access -- but with WIRED methods.  WE MUST ADVISE THE BOARD THAT FIBER OPTICS OR OTHER WIRED METHODS CAN DELIVER THE EDUCATIONAL BENEFITS WHILE MITIGATING AGAINST HEALTH EFFECTS. 
The chairman of the Bond Oversight Committee created an artificial divide between those of us who know that wireless technology has not been proven to be safe and those who want to further our kids' education.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  We cannot let this become a polarized issue. 
PLEASE take time from your very busy schedules to participate in a very meaningful way.
Here's what you can do:
1.  Write emails to the school board members BEFORE noon on Monday 2/11/2013.
2.  Write letters to the school board BEFORE noon on Monday 2/11/2013.
3.  Contact your colleagues, fellow activists, physicians, engineers, parents of school children, politicians, list members, etc. to do the same.
OUR GOAL IS 100 LETTERS AND EMAILS that speak to the health effects of WiFi, the lack of evidence that it is safe, the irrelevance of FCC guidelines that deal only with thermal effects, and the relatively simple alternative:  Wired Technology.
There are 51 Agenda Items on the day this will be heard.  This issue is Agenda Item 12. We are organizing people to go to the meeting to cede their time for a few key speakers.  It may be necessary to reserve our place in line by camping on the street overnight.  One of us will read the names of people and/or organizations at the podium TO GO ON RECORD. 
In order for this to be done, PLEASE SEND COPIES OF EMAILS OR LETTERS to me once you have sent them so that your names can be read that day. 
The meeting will be televised so your contributions will be memorialized.
Contact info:
Los Angeles Unified School District Board Members and their staff:
BoardDi...@lausd.net        (Bennett Kayser)
You can see the Board Members page here:
If you prefer to write, please address your letters to each Board Member and send to:
P.O. Box 3307
Los Angeles, CA 90051
If you or your associates choose to write, please scan the letters and email to me as pdf files so that they can be brought to the podium to be READ INTO THE RECORD.
I know how busy everyone has been, especially with the recent FCC efforts, but please do take the time to write BEFORE NOON ON MONDAY (PST).
 Please be sure to send us your names and, if you would like, your emails and letters so that your names can be READ INTO THE RECORD!
With gratitude,
 Shane Gregory

Informant: Martin Weatherall
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