Commissioner Dimas offers conversation to Public Health Advocates

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Oct 14, 2007, 12:54:41 PM10/14/07
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From: *Health & Environment Alliance* <
Date: Oct 13, 2007 5:34 AM
Subject: REF: Commissioner Dimas offers conversation to Public Health
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(Communicated by the Health & Environment Alliance)

Dear Public Health Advocates,

Until the environmental movement understands how health advocates and
the Minister for Health in achieved such dramatic changes in and across
much of Europe - to reduce exposure to tobacco smoke in public
places, we will not understand the profound changes necessary to ensure
our children grow up in healthy environments.

As the European Commissioner for the Environment I would like to offer
the public health community an active conversation via my * NEW BLOG* to
ensure that the health of our children now and in the
future is considered fully. Not allowing our children to be exposed to
these hazards and protecting those most vulnerable is a part of our
European vision. Environmental change offers to help reduce
respiratory, cardiovascular, neuro-developmental, cancer, and obesity
problems which are all pressing health issues we see today. The health
of our children is the future wealth of our planet.

*THE BLOG* can be found at

To mark the first international Blog Action Day
<> - dedicated to environmental issues – I will
be holding an internet chat here on my blog on Monday 15 October between
1400 and 1700 Brussels time (1200-1500 GMT).

The goal of international Blog Action Day is to achieve mass
participation in addressing environmental problems by getting bloggers
around the world to post entries on environmental issues that day. More
than 9,000 blog sites have signed up!

This is an excellent initiative that will help to raise public awareness
of the serious environmental challenges we face and to involve citizens
in Europe and the rest of the world in contributing to solutions. These
are also the aims of my blog.

The environment has become a pressing concern for many, so this internet
chat is a great opportunity for us to communicate …

Yours Sincerely,

Commissioner Dimas

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