Pets and EMR-RF Exposure

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Nov 23, 2007, 1:34:06 PM11/23/07
On activation of an Orange mast in Kensworth about 30 metres form the
mast (village in Bedfordshire, England a dog ( long haired dachsund)
aged 16, in wonderful health with a glossy coat started vomiting,
refusing food, was restless and seemed to have difficulty sleeping. At
the surgery, he gradually seemed to recover - relaxed and stopped
whining. The vet treated him for a heart problem. Back home he became
ill again, the medicine made no difference. (The vet could not
understand it.) He developed small tumous on his neck and similar on his
paws which he worried at with his teeth. He died the following year.

A cat, 13 years old, appr. 20 metres from mast use to go out hunting
every day then come home, wallop his dinner and go to sleep! On
activation of mast, she became restless and yowled frequently, refused
food and vomited (coincidentally the vomit was orange!). Sh no lnger
wnet out hunting, but lay about in the house restlessly. She developed a
tumour in her throat which was removed after which she had to eat
special, 'revolting looking dry food pellets. She took two years to die.
The people in the house are still unabvle to use either of the rooms at
the front of their house (the lounge downstairs and the main bedroom) -
my detector absolutely screams therein!

Lst year I heard of a dog 100 metres away with small tumours on his paws
( nosebleeds, eye problems and insomnia suffered by teh people in that
house). In 2005 another dog ( 100 metres behind the mast and the main
buildings affected) had similay tumours which though removed, kept
recurring - he died last year.

No time to write more at the moment.

Gill (Tadpole)

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