Electrical Hypersensitivity, Bee Stings, Polio Vaccine, Cell Phones

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Oct 8, 2007, 4:09:01 AM10/8/07
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Wanted: Comment by the experts. I'll send out the comments I get back
for all to read.

Short background and question.

I am an E.H.S. sufferer. I am not a scientist, nor doctor and this
email may reflect my lack of scientific understanding.

I've had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for 20 years. At various stages I
have had extreme food, chemical and now EMF sensitivities.

I was healthy up until the Age of 19. Three things happened when I was
19. Polio Vaccine, Wisdom teeth extractions -- and a significant, but
non-anaphylactic allergic reaction to a Yellow Jacket bee sting. A few
years later, I had a massive flu like illness from which I ultimately

For 20 years, I have had irritation and swelling on the left side of
my face (jaw) and the cartilage in my left ear has almost melted in a
way. I was a MAJOR user of cell phones and cordless phones -- the
early three watt analog models and the later handheld digital
models...and I would always use the phone on the left side. I had
unlimited minutes and would speak for hours...sometimes sleeping with
the phone on and speaking to my girlfriend upon waking.

/_Here's the question...I am trying to piece this health mystery
together and for some reason, I think the Bee Sting might have been
played a critical role that set me up for this hypersensitivity? Is
this possible?_/

I found this paper on Medline about bee stings and mastocytosis:

and this paper on the internet: http://www.aafp.org/afp/990600ap/3047.html

Can anyone comment on the likelihood that E.H.S. is actually
Mastocytosis? And/or is there any likelihood that a Bee Sting Allergy
20 years ago could have set my system up for this chronic problem?
Just wanting some reaction from the scientists...

Dr. Carlo has referred to membrane sensitivity, I believe, as a target
for treatment of ES. Is this what he means?

Thank you all


I have personally no answer for you but I'm sending to you some
interesting files. I suggest you to contact the scientists of the
studies, like Paul Doyon, Laurence Bonhomme and Vesna Rajkovic.


Please keep me informed.

Best Regards.

Philippe Hug

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