Electro Magnetic Radiation harming Canadian Wildlife

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*From:* Martin Weatherall
*To:* Leigh Edgar
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*Sent:* Monday, November 05, 2007 10:43 PM
*Subject:* Electro Magnetic Radiation harming Canadian Wildlife

Leigh Edgar
Canadian Wildlife Federation

Hi Leigh,

Thank you for your letter.

I would like to begin by providing you with some background
information. I have not been able to live in my home for nearly three
years because of the effects of electro magnetic radiation. When I
moved into the house four years ago, I was a healthy, reasonably fit,
young retiree, but exposure to electro magnetic radiation and ground
current electricity (measured and quantified by experts) changed all of
that. If exposure to EMR can cause such devastating harm to me (and
others I am in contact with), it is reasonable to believe that it can
and is causing great harm to wildlife. There is growing scientific
evidence to show that this is occurring, some of which is attached to
this message.

Near to my home is an area known as Black Creek Swamp. I have seen it
described as one of the most significant wetlands in Southern Ontario.
It is well treed, has a very clean water supply and plenty of good plant
growth, is undisturbed by industry, and has minimal disturbance from
farming. It is an area that you would expect to be teeming with birds
and other wildlife, but that is not the case. My wife can remember
watching turtles and other wildlife in this same area when she was a
child in the 1960s, but now it is rare to see anything. This is a
pristine area with very little to disturb wildlife, yet it looks more
like a deserted environment.

There is a large cell phone tower within two kilometers of the swamp,
and there are many other antennas at a greater distance that are also
affecting the area with microwave radiation. With my oscilloscope, I
have measured harmful ground current electrical voltage and dangerous
high frequency radiation near to its centre, even though there are no
electrical lines within one kilometer. I am certain that these two
dangerous electrical pollutants are harming the wildlife and keeping
them away from the area.

If habitat is affected by dangerous, even deadly, invisible pollutants,
then wildlife does not gain anything from increasing the amount of
habitat that is available. Electro magnetic radiation is probably the
worst pollution in Canada; it is virtually everywhere. The second worst
pollution is probably ground current electricity from the electrical
distribution systems of utility providers, such as Hydro One in
Ontario. Habitat and other pollution is very important to wildlife,
but the CWF needs to consider the effects of EMR more seriously. If you
do not, we may be looking at a Canadian wildlife disaster of monumental

I have attached several documents that show how electro magnetic
radiation is harming birds and animals. I have many other
documents that show how dangerous EMR is and how it is harming people
around the world. Please contact me if you would like to learn more and
if I can be of any assistance.

Yours sincerely,

Martin Weatherall

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*From:* Leigh Edgar <mailto:lei...@cwf-fcf.org>
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*Subject:* [Norton AntiSpam] RE: Bye Bye Birdie - Vanishing
songbirds of Canada

Hi Martin,

Thank you for your note to the Canadian Wildlife Federation, and for
the attached video on the declining bird situation in Canada.

I am aware that generally more attention is being paid to the
effects of radiation on many species of wildlife. I agree it is a
well made documentary, and the examples of how habitat loss and
degradation are affecting many species of birds over time are most
compelling. Draining of wetlands, loss of prairie grasslands, plus
all the industrial uses of the boreal, (not to mention pollution and
rampant pesticide use) can explain why bird numbers have dropped
considerably. I know that interest in electromagnetic fields is
increasing, but many biologists and researchers have their hands
full with habitat quality and quantity concerns. For us, we are
focused on trying to address these habitat issues and educate the
public and push for stronger legislation in those areas known to
negatively impact wildlife.

Thank you again for your email.


Leigh Edgar

Conservation Research


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*Subject:* FW: Bye Bye Birdie - Vanishing songbirds of Canada

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*From:* Martin Weatherall [mailto:wea...@golden.net]
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*Subject:* Bye Bye Birdie - Vanishing songbirds of Canada


This link is to a CBC news video story about massive numbers of song
birds vanishing from the Canadian countryside.

Although it is a well made documentary, it is another example
of bird researchers and the press, ignoring electro magnetic
radiation as a probable cause for a large part of the loss.


[ see also: http://omega.twoday.net/stories/4405441/ ]

Omega Group

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