Three generations of a family were threatened with arrest by the police

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Jan 13, 2010, 12:12:03 AM1/13/10

Threatened with arrest

Fiona Jeffcoat
New Zealand

Today three generations of my family - aged from 8 to 72 - were threatened with arrest by the police. The attached photo will give you an idea of the forces used against our VERY PEACEFUL protests in Clovelly Road against the cell tower installation. To have a squad of police in protective gear jogging towards you, with a paddy wagon behind them and a police helicopter circling overhead is truly something else.

Suffice to say not one member of my family will EVER feel the same way about our police again. Nor our government.

It was always so easy to point the finger at other countries who had so clearly sold out and had national and international policy revolving around industry and�money. Now the joke's on me. New Zealand is exactly the same and right now I can see very little to be proud of.



Hi Fiona
I am a former police officer and I am sorry to see�the police�being misused in this way.
Although I cannot fault the individual officers who are just doing what they have been told to do, I suggest a written complaint to the appropriate authorities, about the police policy that allowed this situation to happen.
In your complaint, you should state that police officers are supposed to be�there to protect the community, but in this case they are assisting and allowing something into the community which is known to cause serious harm to people and the environment.� Would they escort�thieves, rapists and violent persons into the community?� I think not!� They should not be involved in this situation either!�
You can quote the documents that I have attached and ask for a public inquiry into the misuse of police personnel and the implied threat they represent.� You can use this opportunity to educate the police�and others�about this danger and�danger from other wireless�devices.
Martin Weatherall
6:01PM | January 8, 2010 | comments: 18

Cell Phone Safety

We have a story tonight about people protesting against a cell phone tower near a school in Bayville, on Long Island. The demonstrators are insisting a cancer cluster has sprung up among children and school employees because of electromagnetic radiation coming from the tower. ...

Posted by Pat DeCandia at January 8, 2010 10:31 PM

I'm having the same problem in my town of Ridgefield NJ. One of your reporters came to cover our story in June. St Matthews Church wants to put 8 cell antennas in its steeple which is in the middle of a residential neighborhood and directly above a school that they are trying to rent for grade school children. In July the board of adjusment refused TMobile's application. We just got word that TMobile is going to sue the town in superior court to try to install these towers. We've had a trememdous public outcry against these antennas: petitions, signs, letters to TMobile. We thought we had won the fight and now the town has to go to court to defend its position. The more press we can get for our story the better. Can you send someone out to cover our fightand help us? We need all the help we can get.


Posted by Jennifer at January 9, 2010 11:27 AM

A water tower, the very water Bayville residents drink, housing 52 cell phone antennas 50 feet across from the primary school and in very close proximity to residents. In the last few years, four Bayville Primary School children have been diagnosed with leukemia or brain tumors; three of the children have since died. In addition, six teachers and several school aids have been diagnosed with serious cancer. Four of the adults have subsequently died. When this property was donated to the town in the 1950's it was not to be used for commercial uses, I think cell phone antenas are commercial uses.

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