391,000 Irish People Could Develop Brain Tumours Due to Mobile Phones by 2020

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Sep 24, 2009, 5:59:43 AM9/24/09

391,000 Irish People Could Develop Brain Tumours Due to Mobile Phones by 2020 - Costs to the Health Service Estimated at almost €70billion




391,000 Irish People could develop brain tumours due to mobile phones by the year 2020. On Day 2 of the Global Conference chaired by Senator Mark Daly this startling figure came to light.

In his presentation to the EM Radiation Trust at National Academy of Science in the UK, Lloyd Morgan, Director of the Brain Tumour Registry in the US predicted stark figures. Using the same percentage of people who developed cancer from smoking (10% of smokers developed lung caner), Mr. Morgan said “If this figure was to be used in the case of mobile phone users 1.6million Americans would develop brain tumours by 2020 compared with 50,000 today”. The cost of this explosion in cancer cases would cost an estimated $400bn.

Senator Daly, who chaired the session, commented on the figures saying that in an Irish context, due to our status as the 6th highest mobile phone penetration in EU (ComReg 2007), over 391,000 Irish people could develop brain tumours by 2020. The estimated cost to the Health Service, when using the American statistics, is at nearly €70billion.

Daly continued, “In light of growing body of evidence that there is a link between mobile phones and cancer, especially in children, I am urging the Government to apply the European Environmental Agency’s Precautionary Principle. The Precautionary Principle advises that the highest standards should be applied when it comes to the issue of public health”.
**Note to editors** Statistics based on US healthcare costs of $250,000 per person and 91% of Irish people aged 15-74 owning a mobile phone (ComReg 2008)


Informant: Dorothee Krien

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