In Situ Double Blind Experiment on TETRA

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Mar 20, 2010, 7:44:17 AM3/20/10
I wrote to my local MP and AM and to leaders of every political party
leader in England (enclosing my letter to local MP). I copied both
letter to the Welsh and Irish Assemblies and the Scottish Parliament.

I did not expect to even move a tiny pebble but I had to try. However,
then I thought "Why should I expect nil response when there is a very
real threat to the very continuation of all life?" So I won't expect
that, I will push in every way I can think of until someone listens and
helps or until I can do no more.

I have had 4 responses so far, Mr Brown MP cannot help in this issue; Mr
Cameron does not have time to read letters. All who reply are sending my
letter to various Ministers for Health and the implications are that
this is mostly about electro hypersensitivity and some "feel" for me!
Not Mr Brown, I might add. I have just written to Ofcom as I did not
realise I could, enclosing the two above letters and an article I wrote.

I want people in the UK to know that I fear that these MPs and political
parties have no intention of helping the people and don't really care if
people are sick, tortured or dead, or about the future of our children,
animal life and our environment.


The order is My MP letter, LeaderPP letter, Ocom letter and then In Situ
DB experiment (sent to Ofcom)


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