"Thriving With Technology Podcast: Professor Olle Johansson: The OG EMF Researcher Is Worried About The Future"

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May 27, 2021, 7:52:10 AM5/27/21
Please, find below - and in the coming e-mails - some of the most recent videos, interviews, and conversations, featuring brilliant reporters, journalists, writers, bloggers, podcasters, persons, and more. It is not my intention you should watch all of them at the same time, but I just want you to see that those persons, myself, and many others, are very active in spite of any viruses (corona or computer). (I know that some of you already have seen the ones below, but a replay is never wrong, especially not with these excellent contributions!)

In the following e-mails, I will also send out the even more recent ones, the new ones you have not yet seen before, starting with an amazing conversation recorded by August and Hal Brice in their "Thriving With Technology Podcast", so file them for later viewing/listening, pass them along, use them when relevant for your own work, for campaigns, activism, or similar, and share them as widely as you can on any platform, social media, or on corresponding places.


(from March 5th, 2021)
Hello Friends,

Please join me and neuroscientist, Prof. Olle Johansson, for a very warm and revealing conversation about our health in relation to exposure to electromagnetic frequencies. Prof. Johansson has been studying the biological effects of EMFs for over 40 years. He sounded the alarm some 20 years ago that we better pay attention. And here we are.

Please watch listen to this important and relevant conversation, https://www.bitchute.com/video/G2THrhH7jFdP/

Gratitude for your continued support and sharing of these relevant and important conversations.

Allison Teague
Award winning Journalist
Investigative Reporter

Legacy conversations with timeless information."


(from January 27th, 2021)
I enclose below a recent podcast interview (in English) on the Smarter Tech Podcast made by Nick Pineault and entitled "Episode 38 // Prof. Olle Johansson – Is 5G Really Dangerous?"

Here is the link to Nick Pineault’s website where the episode is published:


The podcast and the episode can also be found on Spotify here, and Apple Podcasts here. And also in video format on YouTube here.

I am very impressed by the knowledge and capacity of Nick Pineault, and it is always a great honour to be asked by him and his team to be part of an interview or a video presentation.

Please, share widely. Have a very nice day!  🙏👍🙏


(from January 19th, 2021)
Please, find below a recent interview done by Richard Sacks as a "Lost Arts Radio Interview" episode. Richard Sacks is a fantastic person, very knowledgeable, intelligent, and analytical, and it was a true honour to have a discussion with him over the topic "Is Wireless Radiation Really Harmful To Humans?". In addition, his general take on morality and ethics deserves a round of extra applause!


As promised, I have a series of new interviews, podcasts, blogs, and discussions, which I will send out during the coming days, starting with the one below.

August and Hal Brice have produced a very good podcast featuring me, which link I received March 16, 2021:

Thriving With Technology Podcast: Professor Olle Johansson: The OG EMF Researcher Is Worried About The Future

Please, share with your email and social media communities, it is very much worth sending out as widely as ever possible.

(N.B. More links will follow during the coming days and weeks.)

Olle Johansson, associate professor

Virenfrei. www.avg.com
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