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People everywhere are waking up to the RF-induced misery from cell towers -

/then they fight back and win!/
Common cell tower RF energy complaints include:

* Clusters of cancer
* Lack of sleep and insomnia
* Noises induced into the head and other health problems.

Several decades ago, mind control experiments proved that microwave energy
is detected by the brain.

Many are actively fighting these structures as cell companies attempt to
them dangerously near schools, playgrounds and homes. Here are a few
stories from the USA and UK which prove that people are finally
realizing these
health hazards and are fighting back:

Lawsuit - Cell-Hell Tower dropping volumes of plastic pine needles which
neighbor has been picking up in his yard. Now he has bags of the needles.
The installation also has loud air conditioning that keeps them awake
all night,
along with an RF induced sound in their heads:

Parents fight /insanely short 50 foot mast beside a school:/
/ /

UK - Two mobile phone giants thrown out by city council and campaigners

UK - RF Health expert Dr. George Carlo claims to have found the world's
worst cell site:

UK - Parents angry at cell tower near children's school:

UK - 60ft. Mast proposed beside a children's playground:

Glasgow, Scotland - RF-induced headaches will be free with new cell
service in subways:

UK - Government petition for EM Sensitivity:

UK - Phone mast plans spark protests with angry residents:

UK - Cell Company's fourth attempt to place a mast ignores objectors:

New Zealand researcher finds connection of electro-smog with loss of

Ted Twietmeyer

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Informant: Mark G.

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Sep 21, 2008, 11:07:36 AM9/21/08
to Mobilfunk-Newsletter - EMF-Omega-News
Some of the points being made by Geoffrey Lean (story below) fit with
my reasons for "despair" when it comes to making serious progress
regarding electric field exposures.

The "canaries have been crying for a very long time!"

They are the innocent children, including my own two grandsons -- the
ones who have been overlooked amidst the hoopla about cellular
antennae and even high voltage powerlines. I have warned for a long
time that if "a focus" on the close, chronic, prolonged, night/bedroom
exposures is not of the highest priority, all healthcare systems will

If two children and two sets of guinea pigs all develop asthma as
their first symptom very soon after exposure to an electric meter --
the beginning of pre-Leukemic immune deficiencies -- and the surviving
four of these "guinea pigs" (thankfully includes both grandsons), all
additionally slept close to high voltage powerlines as well as
cellular antennae and even cordless phones but nevertheless "improved
significantly" (documented objective evidence) after only providing
distance between their bodies (tissues and cells) and the electric
meter(s), how would any court in any country support a determination
that anything but the electric meter(s) might be the cause?

All this talk about how many years for cancer to develop -- albeit,
the studies showing ultimate harm re cell phones/mobile phones may be
accurate, is playing into allowing "business as usual!" We are doing
nothing whatsoever to deal responsibly with the increasing numbers of
infants and children being diagnosed with autism-spectrum disorders,
asthma, chronic sinus infections, ear infections, gastrointestinal
ailments, immune deficiencies and more. Sudden infant death and
Childhood Leukemia occur swiftly and yield costly, painful blows to
society in many ways. The symptoms I mention are just some of the
chronic health problems that are adding to society's problems when
dealing with healthcare issues. Most symptoms apply to persons of
all ages. Each symptom standing alone is contributing to our

"Yes," knowledge of the dangers of brain cancer from cell phones/
mobile phones is essential but why are we not listening to "all the
cries" (canaries) that are living proof of the enormity of
unacknowledged calamities? The U.S., through the EPA, publishes
every week in the smallest of newspapers regarding the need to reduce
asthma (very expensive). This is done with no reference whatsoever
to known facts that immune deficiency and Leukemia are accepted as
being linked to low level EMF/EMR exposures (EMF RAPID).

I recently reported that two infants -- one previously diagnosed with
severe autism and the other with suspected symptoms of autism -- have
improved since moving their monitors out of their bedrooms.
Significant improvement has occurred since I (and associates) made the
discovery that very high magnetic fields are being measured on battery-
operated objects that have "speakers." The situation is the same
whether there is power to the item or not. This includes cell
phones and even landline phones if they have "speakers" (therefor

As I said, it is important to evaluate that which causes problems many
years in the future, but, if we don't start announcing "loudly" and
"widely" that all items with speakers, and all electric appliances and
all telephone equipment (due to wide-ranging variety involving
possibility of magnets and more), must be moved away from close
proximity to beds (also day exposure limits), we won't have any
healthy children (also adults) who will have intact, proper-
functioning brains by the time brain cancer develops in a decade or

"Cognitive dissonance" due to increasing daytime cell phone/mobile
phone, Blue Tooth, Blackberry, I-Phone, I-Pod (other PDA's, etc.) as
well as cordless phones, etc. is becoming more apparent. More and
more of my young contacts admit to "being in a fog," "being confused
and forgetting........." Persons of all ages are admitting they
are embarrassed about the way they are feeling. All of these people
have electric and/or telephone equipment close to their beds (or did
before we discussed the issues) and they all use a variety of the
other technological devices that contain magnets during the day.

I learned yesterday there are increaing numbers of pregnant moms who
"listen" to their infants on a regular basis with equipment that
detects heartbeats, breathing and movements. Music is being played
to fetus. The mom might be carrying a cell phone on her body close to
the fetus. If that cell phone is on or off, the magnet is still
emitting very high magnetic fields. Many persons are keeping cell
phones very close to their bodies all night long! What else does
the mom have close to her bed and body when she is pregnant and later
caring for her newborn whether day or night? How can we possibly
attribute cause to a cellular antennae before evaluating the sort of
items I am referring to? What court would rule accordingly and why?

Brain cancer is "a big deal," there is no question about that! In
the meantime, autism and Alzheimers are "exploding" along with the
costly (in every way) symptoms cited above and more (I left out ADD,
ADHD, depression, headaches and even suicide and more....).

We can not afford to study long-term effects of any exposure without
first responsibly warning the public about the very real dangers that
have been known for years. While studying cancers that develop
decades after extensive usage, we are ignoring, at great cost, all of
the symptoms that precede malignant changes. One of my contacts
from Germany wrote that they have known for many years that electric
and telephone equipment should not be close to beds. While the
comment was apparently truthful (I have not researched this) and well-
meaning; we as a society, and scientists as a whole, are not dealing
with the severity of the overall issues. I wonder how many in
Germany may have an item containing a speaker (magnet) close to their
bodies whether day or night "chronic exposures?"

I cried yesterday as I waited for hundreds of motorcyclists cross the
highway in front of me -- I waved to the escort and learned they were
riding for breast cancer. I said, "I work every day trying to save
children from Leukemia .....alone....... [ I wanted to tell the
kind, caring man who thanked me and squeezed my hand that breast
cancer is also linked to close electric field exposures. I
personally know a beautiful woman who battles every two weeks --
treatments for breast cancer -- and who also refuses to give up her
heating pad and won't move the head of her bed away from wall opposite
refrigerator.......instead, I reminded him that I have "requested a
ride for the children........] Take care - Joanne

Joanne C. Mueller
Guinea Pigs "R" Us
731 - 123rd Avenue N.W.
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55448-2127 USA
Phone: 763-755-6114
Email: (9-21-08)



Sep 21, 2008, 11:13:03 AM9/21/08
Mobile phone use 'raises children's risk of brain cancer fivefold'

Omega Group

Sep 22, 2008, 9:20:37 AM9/22/08
to Mobilfunk-Newsletter - EMF-Omega-News
From: Sarah Dacre
To: JCMPelican
Sent: 9/22/2008 7:58:43 A.M. Central Daylight Time
Subj: Re: Mobile phone use raises children's risk of brain cancer

Hi Joanne

It will indeed be a blissful day when the man in the street makes the
quantum leap between each and every one of these electrical and
electronic items in every day usage and the potential to damage his

I myself found it tantamount to impossible to realise three years ago
that there could be so many household devices, which I touched, spoke
into or sat next to every day and which could cause such biological
harm to my physiology with such terrible end results to my health.

I am still recovering even 3 year s later and sometimes find myself
right back where I was health wise after a very short exposure from
one or two hours devices. Access to residential homes is still
dangerous for me, it is impossible to check out with the hostess just
how many gizmos they operate at home. Offices are impossible for me. I
have had relatively little need to visit hospital but that would be a
dangerous proposition as and when it occurs.

So I face the prospect now of being unable to work in 99% of all
environments. Soon, having ES will not be a rarity and there will be
thousands of young people unable to complete their schooling or
university degrees, even unable to work. It will be too late then for
so many.

I hope you can continue to make your valuable points, it has helped me
to realise that we need to consider every device, not just the phones
and every age group, even in utero.

Best wishes
Sarah D.

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