Understanding of neurogenetic

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Oct 8, 2009, 5:18:54 AM10/8/09
Neurogenetic; Study data from J. Orendacova and colleagues update
understanding of neurogenetic

2009 OCT 7 - (NewsRx.com) -- According to a study from Kosice, Slovakia,
"It is well established that strong electromagnetic fields (EMFs) can
give rise to acute health effects, such as burns, which can be
effectively prevented by respecting exposure guidelines and regulations."

"Current concerns are instead directed toward the possibility that
long-term exposure to weak EMF might have detrimental health effects due
to some biological mechanism, to date unknown. (1) The possible risk due
to pulsed EMF at frequency 2.45 GHz and mean power density 2.8 mW/cm(2)
on rat postnatal neurogenesis was studied in relation to the animal's
age, duration of the exposure dose, and post-irradiation survival. (2)
Proliferating cells marker, BrdU, was used to map age- and dose-related
immunohistochemical changes within the rostral migratory stream (RMS)
after whole-body exposure of newborn (P7) and senescent (24 months)
rats. (3) Two dose-related exposure patterns were performed to clarify
the cumulative effect of EMF: short-term exposure dose, 2 days
irradiation (4 h/day), versus long-term exposure dose, 3 days
irradiation (8 h/day), both followed by acute (24 h) and chronic (1-4
weeks) post-irradiation survival. (4) We found that the EMF
induces significant age- and dose-dependent changes in proliferating
cell numbers within the RMS," wrote J. Orendacova and colleagues.

The researchers concluded: "Our results indicate that the concerns about
the possible risk of EMF generated in connection with production,
transmission, distribution, and the use of electrical equipment and
communication sets are justified at least with regard to early postnatal

Orendacova and colleagues published the results of their research in
Cellular and Molecular Neurobiology (Immunohistochemical Study of
Postnatal Neurogenesis After Whole-body Exposure to Electromagnetic
Fields: Evaluation of Age- and Dose-Related Changes in Rats. Cellular
and Molecular Neurobiology, 2009;29(6-7):981-990).

For additional information, contact J. Orendacova, Slovak Academy
Science, Institute Neurobiology, Center Excellence, Soltesovej 4, Kosice
04001, Slovakia.

The publisher of the journal Cellular and Molecular Neurobiology can be
contacted at: Springer, Plenum Publishers, 233 Spring St., New York, NY
10013, USA.

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