Dirty electricity is a vital area to consider for all ES

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Jul 18, 2009, 7:46:31 AM7/18/09
Dirty electricity is a vital area to consider for all ES!

I turn all fuses off at night to minimise night time body voltage and my health has improved significantly.

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Sarah Dacre

Date: 2009/7/17
Subject: EMF and health /  research paper on Dirty Electricity in the
"American Journal of Industrial Medicine"

Attached please find a research paper on Dirty Electricity (DE). Dirty Electricity is also referred to as "high frequency voltage
transients". The attached paper was published in the "American Journal of Industrial Medicine" (AJIM). Dirty Electricity is a relatively new
topic in the EMF arena, and I have attached the brochure "Dirty Electricity explained" for those of you who are not yet familiar with
the topic.

On the electrical installation wires of your home and office you want to have 50 or 60 Hertz electricity. But mainly caused by modern
electronic appliances, there is now a vast amount of mid- and high-frequency signals travelling on those wires that should not be
there; and which, if research so far done is to be believed, may be a contributing factor to many health problems. It seems that the
electrical wiring in our homes is radiating more and more electromagnetic fields of frequencies of all different kinds. Will we
one day demand clean electricity in our homes as much as we now demand clean water? Time will tell.

If you are pressed for time just read the summary of the attached paper, it gives you a good idea of the research work done. Further
information and another research paper on the topic are available upon request.

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