WiFi radiation at Woodstock Library and Paris Libraries

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Subject: Dangerous electromagnetic radiation at Woodstock Library.

Dear Mr. Nelson
It has been about six weeks since I wrote to you and you have still not replied to my concerns.
Have you read the information that I sent you, and the link to www.bioinitiative.org ?
Do you now understand the dangers of microwave technology and exposure to high levels of it?
Has the Oxford County Board of Health reviewed the information and do they understand the danger?
Has the Board of Health provided any assistance or instructions to you?
Have you switched off the source(s) of the microwave radiation inside the library?
Have you placed warning signs for the public and educated your staff about the dangers?
Have you had the microwave radiation levels measured by any reputable consultant or Industry Canada?
During the summer of 2007, the City of Paris, France introduced WiFi to their public libraries and other public areas of the city.  Since the beginning of December, The Paris Hygiene and Security Committee has advised the libraries to turn off the WiFi system.  This occurred because many library clerks working near the WiFi points, reported various symptoms including headaches, sore eyes or sore muscles, dizziness or vertigo.  I have attached a link to this news story for you.  These are classed as short term symptoms.  Long term symptoms are much worse and involve serious illnesses and cancer.  I have personally experienced most of the reported symptoms and more.
I am very concerned about the harm that Microwave radiation may cause to your staff and the public who attend Woodstock Library.  Will you please answer my concerns and questions as soon as possible.
Yours sincerely
Martin Weatherall
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Subject: RE: Dangerous electrical pollution at Woodstock Library.

Thank you for your letter. 


I am unaware of a staff member reporting any health problems related to this issue.  However, since you have reported your concern to me as a matter of public health as well, I will be contacting the Oxford County Board of Health for their advice.


Stephen Nelson

Chief Librarian, Woodstock Public Library

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Subject: Dangerous electrical pollution at Woodstock Library.


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Mr. Stephen Nelson

Chief Librarian

Woodstock Library


Dear Mr. Nelson and Library Staff,


A few weeks ago,  I spent about ninety minutes in the Woodstock library conducting research.  As I left the library, I felt ill and recognized my symptoms as being caused by exposure to strong electro magnetic radiation.  I suffer from a condition known as electro hyper-sensitivity, which is also known as microwave sickness.  It is a condition that is becoming more common because of the widespread use of wireless and microwave technologies in our environment.  I suffered the effects of my library exposure for the next two days;  the main symptom was soreness of my chest, as if a heavy weight were pressing down on me.  Since that time, I have spoken to two Woodstock citizens who both told me that they, too, feel ill when visiting the library.  They both said that they purposely do not spent much time inside of the library because of the way that they feel when they are there.


When I visited the library today, I brought my radio-frequency meter to find out why I had felt so bad during the previous visit.  I walked around the library and the meter provided me with instant readings of electro magnetic radiation (EMR).  In the upstairs area, readings were extremely high in the open area at the centre of the building, overlooking the front entrance.  At this location, the readings were off the scale of my meter, which means they were higher than 2000 microwatts per square meter.  Readings were also very high at the east side of the building on the upper floor.


I went downstairs and found very high readings in the front desk entrance way, but the worst exposure that I found was around the desk on the west side of the entrance way.  Once again, the reading was off the scale of my meter.  I believe this is the desk where books are recorded as people leave the library with their loans.  I learned that one of the people who works at that location has reported feeling ill while working at this location and blames it on her working environment.  My readings support the fact that her working environment, filled with microwave radiation, is making her ill.  I believe that she is suffering the early effects of microwave sickness, a condition that will gradually get worse with continued exposure.  In time, she may become electro hypersensitive and be unable to work.    While other employees may not physically detect their own exposure, the level of microwave radiation at that desk is so high that it places your employees at great risk of various illnesses and cancer.  There is a great deal of scientific information that indicates serious health risk from this type of exposure.


I have attached one document that shows this danger particularly well.  It is entitled SNAFU and it was written to show the citizens of San Francisco the dangers of installing a city wide WiFi system.  The writer is Dr. Magda Havas of Trent University, Ontario, who is probably the most knowledgeable person in Canada on the subject of health effects of electrical pollution.  I do not know what is the source of the EMR in the  Woodstock library, but I suspect that there is a WiFi system or another strong source of wireless radiation inside the library at or near the front desk on the west side.


Whatever the source is, it is a grave danger to your staff and to the public visiting the library and needs to be mitigated as soon as possible.  Although I spent less than thirty minutes at the library today, I again felt ill when I left because I had been standing in the source of high radiation for a few minutes.  People should not be suffering from this kind of problem in their libraries, and I hope that you will take the appropriate steps to make the library safe.  In Europe, the dangers of wireless technologies have been widely reported in the press and on radio and television.  I have collected a great amount of news, information, and scientific research that shows that EMR causes serious harm to human health.  I will gladly provide more information to you on request and I am willing to assist you as best I can.


Yours sincerely,


Martin Weatherall

Co-Director, WEEP - Wireless Electrical and Electromagnetic Pollution 

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