Is electro magnetic radiation affecting the brain?

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Oct 21, 2009, 2:22:39 AM10/21/09
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The interesting thing about the research reported below, is that the researchers have not considered the amount of radiation reaching the brain and how it affects the thought functions of the persons being studied.  The brain works on small electrical impulses, so it is not surprising when powerful electro magnetic radiation from a cellphone is allowed to radiate the head, that it causes some internal problems.  Microwave radiation as emitted by cell phones has long been scientifically linked to neurological symptoms and many more serious health effects.
Martin Weatherall


Just How ‘Blind’ Are You When Talking on a Cell Phone?

October 19, 2009...7:21 pm

A new study has shown that using a cell phone while walking is so distracting that it causes inattentional blindness.
Washington, Oct 20 - ANI:

Increased Fatalities From Cellphones Whether Talking While Walking or While Driving

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Article Date: 05 Mar 2009 - 4:00 PDT



Walking while talking on a cell phone can be dangerous

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