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Dec 7, 2007, 5:30:12 AM12/7/07
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Main points from the exclusive article in Yedioth Ahronot:

** after 5 years the risk to develop salivary gland tumors at the same
side was 34% and went up to 58% for 5,479 calls during life compared
to no cell phone users.
** the risk is higher for users in rural areas than urban.
** 460 patients above 18 years old with salivary gland tumors from 22
hospitals in Israel from January 2001 to Dec 2003.
** there was no risk for regular users
** 55% of the 284 subjects with tumors who were reguar users, used the
phone at the same side of tumors, 36% opposite side,
9% two sides.
** risk for heavy user to develop the tumor at the same ear (I don't
know why it is written on the ear suddenly, they didn't write anything
about ear tumors but it appears in the article for several times like
** the rural vs. urban areas is going to be used heavily now to
recommend living near antennas, so it seems from this article. The
funding came from the IUCC and Israeli Cancer Society, the IUCC
receives among other sources, money from the cellular companies but
the contracts gave the rearchers "total scientific independence in
** The salivery gland tumor is given a frame in the article as high
chances to cure (not a serious damage, they are trying to say).
** The researchers say this is not a strong enough evidence to
determine risk from cell phones. It needs to be checked in other
studies for longer periods of time. They recommend to use phones
according to the guidlines in each country.
** published yesterday in the American Journal of Epidemiology.

The recommendations are:

Use wired phone

Use speaker

Use Bluetooth

Live where there are many antennas

Professor Moti Ravid (phyisician):
** "Too early to give up on th phones"
** National Cancer Institute published factsheet that there is no link
between any kind of cancer and cell phone.
** European study showed acoustic neuroma x2 at the same side, but it
was doubtful because no total increase in tumors and statistics on the
** The doctor says two facts interfere before accepting these
findings as real: A. there are no total more tumors in the study
population than expected, and the age devision was not different than
whet we know from the pre-cellular period. In young people who speak
for many hours the tumors are benign and around 55 years old most of
tumors were malignant, like it used to be a generation ago.
** Salivary gland tumors are 2-4% from head-neck tumors, the annual
incidence rate is 1:50,000 and it increases slowly with other tumors.
It is important to mention that during the last years there is no
exceptional increase in quantity of these tumors.

Less antennas - more radiation - danger in Herzelia

The minister of Env. met with mayor of Herzelia Yael German to explain
her that she risks the lives of people because she doesn't agree to
many antennas. They say that in Herzelia the cell phones need to work
stronger 4.4 fold than in other cities and the antennas work 6.3 than
in other places because she doesn't understand that the more antennas
the less radiation. The municipality replied that it sees very
seriously the attempt to manipulate the data and that the Env.
ministry protects the interest of the cellular companies and not the
public interest and the municipality will continue to look after the
residents health.

The journalist Gapi Amir wrote comments- that until now all studies
were speculative and didn't sound reliable but we know the parents of
this study and that "this is a start of a revolution".

That's all for now, there will be stories on TV today and tomorrow the
2part of the investigation from last week, this time on Powerlines,
and there is another documentary that is being prepared now on
cellular antennas which is published heavily because of the criticism
of a famous jounalist who agreed to take that project although the
cellular companies fund it. It is now turned out that this journalist
was a consultant of one of the companies for one year, supporting the
3G. He was asked cynically whether this show will claim for "no clear
danger" - the mere fact that in 2 leading newpapers (Globes and
Haaretz) the show is criticised this way is a revolution- the
newspapers who take the no clear danger style suddenly don't like this
line anymore ?!... This is a change in direction. The crew claims for
full independence and traveled to Europe to interview the leading
scientists, and also were at the London conference, so the subject is
lately in the headlines all the time. Indeed some kind of a


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Dec 8, 2007, 2:57:16 AM12/8/07
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