Response to Curtis Bennett from Minister of Health Aug 2011

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Aug 24, 2011, 12:02:47 AM8/24/11

This is the response that Curtis Bennett recently received from Health Canada dated Aug 11, 2011 and his response dated Aug 22,2011.Our Canadian Government / Health Canada is steadfastly not listening to public concerns and continues to assert that RF radiation is "not dangerous to the public, including children" despite the WHO classification of RF as a 2b carcinogen May 2011. Thank you Curtis for your most powerful letter. Health Canada is now on notice.

Please forward Curtis' letter to your list. The more people who read this information and start to think about this issue, the better. For those of you who don't know, Curtis is able to demonstrate the excitation (heating) of human tissue through thermographic imaging of wifi radiation at the levels that Safety Code 6 says are non-thermal and are therefore safe. This tells me that Safety Code 6 is no longer a law that is protecting Canadians from harm, but is placing us directingly in harm's way. Safety Code 6 must be updated immediately.

Janice Burns

Subject: re: see attached
Date: Mon, 22 Aug 2011 22:10:41 -0700

Thanks Janice but important to add to this is that Safety Code 6 need some work but it is the current law governing Health Canada and the meters and Wi-Fi is illegal today as a result of violating Health Canada's Safety Code 6. Safety Code 6 uses the same international science standards as others so the frequencies are illegal according to Safety Code 6 today.

The mechanism being found showed the link to excitation and that is to be avoided. Lawyers will love the fact the application of the existing law has changed and they can represent that today. Teachers and unions need to know, they are illegal today. SIDs rates are up in BC and I have contacted the BC Coroner's Office to inform them they have to exclude the frequencies as a cause. Safety Code 6 says to avoid stimulation of tissue or it can lead to nerve and muscle problems. Affecting neurological function of a new baby could stop them from breathing. If the frequencies go through buildings, they go through babies.

Here is the link to the same document on our website

My dialog with government prior to this was telling them to duck, as you can see by this document they are criminally negligent as Martin has reported. You will see a link to Dr. Havas's environmental petition on the wide range of symptoms, they negated to incorporate the frequencies. All of the biological professionals were right and the application of the law has changed. This is a frequency weapon used like this and Barrie Trower's declaration under threat of perjury shocks me.

Keep up your very important work, we are killing future generations if they can reproduce and moratoriums are applicable now except they will never substantiate the frequencies as safe, they are illegal. The application of the law has changed and lawyers can jump in, the peer reviewed science is electricity.


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