Melatonin, GABA and others

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Dec 15, 2008, 4:02:46 AM12/15/08
To the scientific Community

15 dec 2008

Being a medically diagnosed EHS (electromagnetic hypersensitivity)
patient I have researched thousands of studies on EMF over the past 6

These studies provide evidence that today widely propagated mobile phone
technology (and all other wireless gadgets) has become a serious threat
to our environmental. Health effects, such as melatonin drop vs
oxidative /nitrosative stress, increasing calcium efflux, reduced
immunity, psychological changes, DNA damage, blood brain barrier
opening, cell proliferation and many other effects appear to cumulate at
EMF intensities that are hundreds to thousands of times below ICNIRP
standards. The difficulty is that we have windows effects for power,
frequency, pulsation, doses and hence it becomes impossible to realize
an epidemiological study, even more so in the absence of a control group
that is not being exposed all around the world...

Today at dawn, I found the attached 3 articles on EMF and GABA/sleep

I also attach an excellent report by Dr Warnke entitled : "Bees, Birds
and Mankind". Destroying nature by electrosmog".

I am also sending to you compiling abstracts of 30 studies indicating
dopamin/serotonin/melatonin modification after EMF exposure or effects.
These modifications lead to aggressive behavior, irritability, violence,
suicide, sudden death and more undesirable effects.

Is this the reflection of what we increasingly see in our society today?

Personally I am convinced that we have engaged in a global process that
will lead to disappearance of all life today. Mayday, mayday, mayday...

I would be very interested to read your reactions on this message.

Philippe Hug
Chairman of ARA

1. Compile GABA 15.12.8.pdf
2. Bees birds and mankind Ulrich Warnke.pdf
3. 00 Melatonin Serotonin Dopamin compile by Ph. Hug 15.12.2008.pdf

[ ]

Compile GABA 15.12.8.pdf
Bees birds and mankind Ulrich Warnke.pdf
00 Melatonin Serotonin Dopamin compile by Ph. Hug 15.12.2008.pdf

Omega Group

Jan 4, 2009, 12:31:04 PM1/4/09
to Mobilfunk-Newsletter - EMF-Omega-News
Don't you think that EMF are introducing several modifications in our

Omega Group

Jan 4, 2009, 11:37:06 PM1/4/09
to Mobilfunk-Newsletter - EMF-Omega-News
Bees birds and mankind Ulrich Warnke

This is also not the final version but it will be updated when that is
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