Hydro One Smart Meter System and Radio Frequency Burden

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Nov 27, 2008, 1:18:40 PM11/27/08
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Dear Mr. Watts, Further to our very interesting conversation several
days ago about Smart Meters and EMF/RF, please see the link above from
France about cows/disease/high voltage that we discussed as a horrible
problem that has been plaguing farmers and their livestock in
industrialized nations for decades. Finally, a French court has
recognized this problem and has awarded damages.

The toxic load of environmental pollution we all live in, which Hydro 1
unfortunately is now contributing to by forcing us all to live with the
added burden of the radio frequency emissions of Smart Meters only
exacerbates the ill health that we all find ourselves plagued with.
Remember Canadian statistics presently for cancer are epidemic ... 1 in
2.5 women and 1 in 2.3 men (CBC Marketplace Wendy Mesley ‘Chasing the
Cancer Answer’ 2006).

You stated that the Smart Meter will function on 2.4 gigahertz microwave
and you seemed convinced that I should be comforted by that fact,
especially since you assured me that it was as “safe as a baby
monitor”. 2.4 GHz is the same frequency that blasts us from cell
phones, cordless phones, WiFi computers and WLAN in our homes and schools.

Now for a bit of a history lesson about the US Embassy in Moscow during
the time period from 1953 to the 1970’s into which the Russians beamed
microwaves at 2.4 GHz. Apparently 2 consecutive ambassadors died of
cancer, another developed leukemia and bleeding eyes, 16 women developed
breast cancer, while others suffered immune system disorders, high white
blood cell counts, chromosomal breaks, chronic fatigue, blurred vision,
cataracts and muscles aches.

You assured me that the criteria for the RF emissions of the Smart
Meters is safe since it complies with Canada Safety Code 6; however, our
Canadian standards have drastically lagged behind the rapid growth of
this new wireless technology rendering it effectively obsolete to
protect humans while creating an advantage for the telecommunications
industry and now apparently for Hydro 1 as well. Adding a Smart Meter
to every single home in Ontario while you claim it is ‘within standards’
only adds to every single person’s radiation burden in the province.
The Russians apparently have microwave standards for public exposure
that are 100 times more stringent that those in North America. I wonder

Do I want a Smart Meter? Absolutely not. Do I want cancer. Not! I
sincerely hope that Hydro 1 will respect the wishes of people such as
myself and not impose this electricity monitoring system with its added
radiation burden on my family home. I know it has taken a long time to
recognize the livestock/EMF problem illustrated in the above link, just
as the connection between tobacco and asbestos are now recognized as
being linked with cancer. The current research on wireless technology,
which is now vast, is rapidly identifying EMF/RF as a significant risk
factor and is supporting the disease connection between humans/animals
and EMF/RF.

Smart Consumers usually think for themselves and do their own research
instead of blindly accepting as truth what is marketed to them. Smart
Meters are not really smart at all! I prefer to err on the side of
'precaution' when it comes to my health.

Regards, Janice

Subject: An Analysis of Radiofrequency Fields Associated with Operation
of the Hydro One Smart Meter System
Date: Wed, 19 Nov 2008 12:52:38 -0500
From: dave....@HydroOne.com
To: jan...@msn.com

Dear Ms. Bruyns:
As discussed this morning, please find the report "An Analysis of
Radiofrequency Fields Associated with Operation of the Hydro One Smart
Meter System" by following the link below

Should you have any questions, don't hesitate to call me.
Dave Watts
Smart Meter Communications Lead
Tel- 905-944-3200 ext 4488
Cell- 416-606-6047

[ Great concern for electrical 'Smart Meters' being installed in North
http://omega.twoday.net/stories/4386884/ ]


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