Concerns over possible cancer cluster in a Queensland High School

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Jan 16, 2008, 3:39:50 AM1/16/08

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Jan 16, 2008, 3:50:18 AM1/16/08
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Concerns over possible cancer cluster in a Queensland High School

Here is another suspected cancer cluster in Australia. This time at
the Milpera High School in Queensland. If you go to the Qld.
government web site and read the Radiological Assessment note that
their reference is the old 1000mG/5,000mG limit recommended by the
National Health & Medical Research Council (NH&MRC) many years ago.
All their Assessment says is that: "The electromagnetic field survey
recorded levels that were significantly less than the limit
recommended by the National Health and Medical Research Council...No
further investigation regarding the radiological status of the site
is considered to be required. "

So, the old bs... and spin continues. As long as ELF levels are below
the standard there are no problems. Perhaps ELF magnetic fields are
not an issue but again-and-again in Australia we see an unwillingness
to properly assess all environmental factors. We saw this with RMIT
and Toowong and in both cases the relevant trade union representatives
did not act in the best interests of their members because of fears
that their own jobs would be on the line if they spoke up too much (I
was told this by a Union rep at RMIT). I hope that the Queensland
branch of the relevant teachers trade union will take up the issue for
their members and insist to know exactly what ELF levels were measured
at the school.


The Courier Mail (Australia) January 16, 2008

Tests clear school of cancer cluster fears

Margaret Wenham


Mr Welford said no further investigations had been recommended.
Information about the health reports was available at

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