Antennas harming citizens BC Canada

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Nov 24, 2007, 3:34:34 AM11/24/07
These citizens are obviously being harmed by electro magnetic radiation
emission that the Canadian government deem to be safe. When will they
do their jobs properly and ensure safety of citizens?


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*Subject:* Consumer and Clinical Radiation Protection Bureau

Dear Sir/Madam,

I represent a group of neighbours living atop a mountain in Victoria,
BC, with 3 FM transmitters, 2 STLs and a cell phone transmitter in our
midst. These towers were put up in 2000, without public consultation.
Within the last 3 years many people have become ill -- within our group
of 13 families there are 2 invasive breast cancers, 2 prostate cancers,
multiple neurological problems, cataracts, skin rashes, severe
headaches, memory loss, nightsweats and insomnia (but only when home).
We all live within one block of the towers. Within our general area we
are aware of several other cancers, cases of infertility, one case of
multiple miscarriages, and other severe diseases, and this is without
formally polling the residents.

Obviously something is happening up here and we suspect it is as a
result of the radiation we're receiving from the towers. In 2001
Industry Canada performed a test to reassure everyone that Safety Code 6
was being followed, but failed to follow its own protocol. I recently
read the report, with the help of an expert, and found that improper
equipment was used and the equipment was used improperly in many
ways. IC noted that it could not replicate its own results when the
group returned 4 days later; still the report was written to confirm all
was within Safety Code 6 guidelines. In addition, the results were
misrepresented, with maximum density being reported at 54%, when it
actually was 74%. It would appear that IC does not take its
responsibility to us very seriously, and for that it should be made to

In doing some investigation I've learned that many countries have
stricter guidelines for exposure, especially with regards to the general
public. These reductions in exposure limits result from the many
scientific studies showing that even low levels of non-ionizing
emissions cause harm, even down to the DNA. Yet Canada maintains that
Safety Code 6 is safe. With the publication of the BioInitiative Report
in August, 2007, there can be no question that our health is being
effected by these emissions. Is Safety Code 6 being updated so as to
conform to the higher standards of other countries, thus providing the
protection to Canadians that, for example, Italians, Swedes, and
Australians, have?

Can you please tell me what the Radiation Protection Bureau can do to
help us? I anxiously await your response.

Yours truly,
Sharon Noble
Co-chair CAUSE (Citizens Against UnSafe Emissions)

Omega Group

Nov 24, 2007, 3:51:46 AM11/24/07
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