Holiday in the bunker? A safe place for EHS

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Apr 20, 2013, 3:47:26 AM4/20/13

It almost seems like a cone meeting at, in the basement of Künzeller community center near Fulda. The former nuclear bunker was rebuilt after the end of the Cold War to the veritable bowling alley. But an advantage was use, because the basement is still radiate safely. And that is the real reason that has led very different people to pull for four days in a nuclear bunker. After all participants have the same problem: they are electro-hypersensitive (EHS), they feel high and low radiation and suffer greatly.

This disease was ridiculed years ago, patients often explained by their doctors simply crazy. But this view is changing, because the symptoms are due to the sensitivity of the massive expansion of mobile networks counted more frequently in medical practices.
Insomnia, inner vibration as under power, headache, dizziness, nausea, palpitations, word finding difficulties, depression, burnout, upsets, allergies / immune deficiency, high blood pressure, behavioral and learning disorders, hyperactivity in children and adolescents ..., the list of complaints is long.

Under the protection seekers in Künzeller bunker is the 44-year-old Ulrike goat horn from Erfurt. The trained nurse and occupational therapist is on early retirement due to massive radiation effects on their health. EHS diagnosis. "I can not participate in normal life, not spontaneous at the door, not just shopping times, otherwise the complaints begin immediately." Friends they have often had to go to low-radiation areas in the forest in order to protect them. Even in the depths of winter, they slept there in a tent. She was initially a pacemaker recommended because the measured cardiac arrhythmias were life-threatening. But in low-radiation areas, more extensive complaints disappeared. As now in Künzeller bunker. On the second day they could change their protective clothing against normal wear. No pain, no discomfort, finally sleep properly.
"The place where I can stop me, but they are becoming less and less," said the young early retiree.

The expansion of wireless networks by new standards such as LTE goes on unabated. Just recently, the result of a study by the Institute for Mobile and Satellite Radio Technology (IMST) was known: "The statistical analysis shows that in the studied locations, the total emissions has risen through the regular operation of the LTE networks by an average of about 40 percent," And.
The expansion of new digital radio TETRA authorities who wants to achieve a coverage of 97%, threatening the life environment electro-sensitive people.

The first time you open a nationwide fallout shelter for regeneration electro-diseased people came through the club "White Zone Rhön eV established, the Künzeller Mayor Peter Meinecke (CDU) was quickly convinced. The initiative of the electro-sensitive people accompanied the action. Her spokesman Klaus Schuhmacher asks: "Those affected suffer some for years and are now due to the increasing burden, including through the nationwide expansion of the LTE mobile network and the digital TETRA authorities Funke reaches physical limits." The group of fugitives radio is accompanied by Dr. Cornelia Waldmann-Selsam, a doctor from Bamberg. For years she collects case reports, case studies so affected people. She is co-author of the Bamberg doctors appeal of 2004, which calls for the reduction of limit values and the wireless strain. A reduction of limit values also requires the European Parliament in 2009.
So far nothing happened.

In a study by the University of Bielefeld in 2010 it was revealed that approximately 27% of the population on the basis of electromagnetic fields (EMFs) of mobile communications are concerned about their health, 9% feel even existing medical conditions.
One third of doctors holding mobile phone base stations according to the study for concern among physicians with alternative medicine education, it is even much more than half.

The Austrian Medical Association in 2012 expressed the suspicion "that environmental conditions such as the increasing public exposure to radio waves, eg from cordless phones, mobile phone base stations, mobile phones, GPRS, UMTS data cards for laptops / notebooks and wireless LAN (WLAN) but also to electric and magnetic fields emanating from pipes, equipment and facilities, is causally involved in discomfort for no apparent reasons. .. ". So clearly you can not move in Germany, at least not publicly. After all, doctors since March 2013 in Germany treatments that are required by exposure to radiation, properly settle with the insurance companies.
A de facto recognition of the disease EHS.

Warnings, there are always, but usually timid or convoluted. Rarely expressed are such as the World Health Organization, cell phone radiation may now classifies as carcinogenic to humans, known. The European Environment Agency compares the reluctance of policy mistakes in the meantime with asbestos and nicotine. The EU's highest decision-making body urged all European governments in May 2011 to mark a turning point in the mobile policy. You should reduce the radiation exposure and provide electrostatic sensitive people called white areas, sparking areas are available. White zones are exactly those of missing the Künzeller Bunker refugees. Therefore, they accepted the invitation of the Mayor Künzeller Peter Meinecke (CDU) to regenerate sparking in a bunker Künzeller time, with thanks. Through the nationwide expansion there are hardly any niches where people can retire, "white zones, as required by WHO and Euro Europe as early as 2011, there is still no" said Klaus Schuhmacher. And Dr. Waldmann Selsam adds: "Anyone with eyes open runs through the town, is to determine damage to trees in the vicinity of mobile phone base stations. It is so obvious. " The doctor is concerned for several years with the effects of radiation on trees and explains why: "Time and again we hear the view alone the fear of mobile phone radiation do ill.
Well, trees are not afraid, but they clearly respond to electrosmog "and shows nationwide documented cases.
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