Students Having Heart Attacks From Wi-Fi

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Jun 29, 2012, 4:58:20 PM6/29/12

Municipal Resolution to go nationwide with Electro Magnetic Radiation Concerns

As a result of a Resolution recently passed by Municipality of Lambton Shores, Ontario an email went out to all Municipalities in Ontario.

Note that there are clauses within the Resolution itself that direct this communication will be sent to all municipalities across Canada and to all MPs across Canada.

See the attached pdf.



CTV Disguised Infomercial as Investigative Report

Read the full story here.


35 Nobel Laureates are all in the pocket of Big Pharma?

This brings us to his connection to the autism communities. He claims that he can detect the electromagnetic radiation from the blood of autistic children, ...

"an astonishing phenomenon appeared to us: by capturing electromagnetic signals from aqueous dilutions of biological molecules, I could see for the first time a significant increase of their amplitude over the background noise, but only in some dilutions"


Sparrows disappearing from Assam

Times of India

GOLAGHAT, ASSAM: Sparrows are disappearing from many parts of the country, and specially in Assam where electro-magnetic radiation from communication towers, use of leaded petrol in vehicles and overuse of pesticides in agriculture have been cited as ...


Students Having Heart Attacks From WiFi

WiFi in schools is now causing heart attacks, nausea, dizziness, headaches, nosebleeds and insomnia....



Rise of mobile masts may be associated with rise in leukaemia

A presentation by Prof. Massa showed ample articles from the renowned Lancet asserting the incidence of leukaemia in children associated with electromagnetic fields generated by mobile phones, and especially mobile masts, with the latter having a higher concentration of energy.



Bird-strike video lands passenger a warning

Cellphones add 'intentional RF emissions' meaning they intentionally transmit radio frequency electromagnetic radiation as part of how they function.",0,1585534.story


Kids EMF site



Just Say No to Smart Meters with Activist Deborah Tavares



Kauai Island Utility Cooperative adopts smart meter deferral policy

The Kauai Island Utility Cooperative has adopted a policy that allows residents to choose to decline the installation of a smart meter on their property.


Bruce passes resolution to delay smart meters

Trustees passed a resolution to support the delay of digital smart meters from coming into Bruce Township with a 4-0 vote.


More danger that is difficult to avoid !

Groups plan super Wi-Fi network in US towns

The area surrounding University of Maine, for example, has 156MHz of "the very best spectrum" available, he said. White spaces spectrum allows wireless signals to
travel farther and to penetrate deeper into buildings than traditional Wi-Fi.


Petition to the Proposed Mobile Phone Tower at Innisfil Beach (Ontario)

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Lampton Shores Resolution Federal Regulation on EMR Cell Towers.pdf
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