New phone Orchid DECT Phone to try?

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Redaktion Buergerwelle e.V. (BI Omega-CI Omega)

Feb 25, 2008, 5:04:53 AM2/25/08
I note that the price stated at the end of this email for the Orchid
phone is £49.99 but the Orchid website states that the phone is £69.99.
Is this phone available anywhere else for £49.99?

John E

*Sent:* 12 February 2008 10:22
*Subject:* Re: Fw: dect phone new phone to try ? (Orchid DECT Phone)

The new Orchid phones may take up to 6 handsets. They do now shut down
completely between calls.

They now wake up using an analogue call signal, either from a handset
being picked up and used or by an incoming call to the base unit - at
that point all handsets wake up. Once they are woken up by this short
analogue signal, the base unit and the handset in use switch over to
DECT mode for the call.

They switch back off about 5 to 10 seconds after the call ends. Then
there is no radiation from them until the next time a call is made. This
applies from one to six handset systems.

However, the first units that we tested and measured 10 days ago, I
believe are still too high powered for even slightly ES people (highly
ES people should not use a cordless phone of any type) and Rowtex have
passed my request back to the factory to consider reducing the power
even further when the units are switched to the low power mode. We will
see what happens.

The test units worked fine and the sound was clear. They are certainly
a great improvement on normal DECT cordless phones, but I would not use
a cordless phone for calls where I could be using a traditional wired
phone. I would be happy using these for short occasional calls.

Many people, though, do wish to (or have a need to) use a cordless phone
and these new Orchid ones seem to be the ones to purchase. They would
also be worth giving to your neighbours if you are ES and the neighbours
insist on using a cordless phone system.

Best wishes


*Sent:* 11 February 2008 21:27
*Subject:* Re: Fw: dect phone new phone to try ? (Orchid DECT Phone)

I believe that the Orchid DECT phone has now been upgraded and improved.

However, I still don't believe that there is a safe 2-phone mode without
the 2 (or more) phones in a location reverting to normal DECT mode.

Is this still correct or is there a safe 2-phone mode for the latest
Orchid phones if both of the phones are in their cradles?

Please let me know since I have relatives asking about this, plus I'd
like to update our information documents since analogue phones are
virtually unavailable now.

The link is at



> This is a phone that we discussed a couple of months ago - as soon as
> you have more than one of them in the house thay are exactly the same
> as a normal DECT phone.
> This is what Alasdair Philips said about it then:-
> /The Orchid is much better than a normal DECT phone but still puts out
> the normal very harsh DECT pulsing signal when being used. It also
> has adaptive power control, which lowers the radiated power./
> //
> /If more than one Orchid handset is bought for the same house, then
> they revert to full 24-7 normal pulsing mode of operation./
> //
> /We always recommend people to install more wired phones in their
> homes rather than ever use any type of RF/Microwave based cordless
> phone. Cheap DIY phone wiring kits are readily available. When do
> you ACTUALLY need a cordless phone? Maybe when you are in the garden
> - OK. So one Orchid unit as a garden phone and for very occasional
> use, could be useful for people. But otherwise we believe that all
> RF/microwave signals to the head should be avoided whenever possible.
> Use a wired phone./
> //
> /Alasdair/
> Adrian
>> from Vivienne
I have been sent this - don't know anything about it though and we only
use landlines.
>> Regards, V
>> Orchid LR 329 Low Radiation DECT Phone
>> Main Features include;
>> · The UK's ONLY Low Radiation DECT Phone, for more information on
>> radiation in telephones have a look at
>> particularly the section on
>> Cordless Phones.
>> · The Radio Radiation Circuits are disconnected when Handset is in
>> the Base Cradle - Zero Radiation
>> · Handset Range Detect - RF circuits operate to the minimum output
>> requirements, which are dependant on the distance between the handset
>> and base, reducing the radiation by up to 75%
>> · Low radiation indicator on the Base Unit
>> · Speaker-Phone
>> · 100 Phone Book Memories
>> · Dot Matrix LCD with Adjustable backlight contrast
>> · Multi Choice Polyphonic Ring tones
>> · 50 Caller Display memories
>> · 10 last Number Redials
>> · 5 Level Receiver Volume Control on the handset
>> · Paging Facility between handset and base or handset and additional
>> handsets
>> · Handset Mute Button
>> · Headset Socket
>> · 10 Hours Talk Time, 100 Hours Standby Time
>> · 16 Minute Digital Answering Machine for up to 99 Messages
>> · Remote Control with pin protection
>> · New Message Indicator
>> £49.99 inc VAT
[ ]


Omega Group

Feb 25, 2008, 8:31:04 AM2/25/08
to Mobilfunk-Newsletter - EMF-Omega-News
Sent: 25 February 2008 13:21
Subject: Re: Fw: dect phone new phone to try ? (Orchid DECT Phone)

This is the old model (now obsolete) LR329 (and LR309).

The new model that properly shuts down between calls, can have
multiple handsets and still fully shut down, and has a permanent low-
radiation option, etc, etc, is LR4610.

The new model has significant improvement for many reasons, including
lower radiation, compared with the older models.

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