Recent recommendations by the City of Toronto Board of Health

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Jul 10, 2008, 2:31:24 AM7/10/08
Here is a great amount of information about the City of Toronto Board of Health and their recommendations involving cell phone use by children and public exposure to electro magnetic fields.  It is a brave and very welcome first step but is unlikely to save many people from severe harm from exposure to electro magnetic radiation (EMR). The reason for this, is that Toronto is already greatly polluted  by EMR and the safety levels used by the federal government are so dangerous, that these recommendations will likely have little impact. 

It is refreshing to know that a group of people who are trusted with the health of many, recognize the extreme dangers of EMR and are willing to make safer recommendations. This is contrary to the Canadian Ministry of Health (EMR division), where it appears that their main purpose is to protect the interests of large corporations who are harming the health of Canadians.
I applaud the Toronto Board of Health for their efforts so far.  I hope that they continue to scan the scientific evidence that EMR is significantly harming health and continue to make safer recommendations. I would also suggest that cordless telephones and WiFi and wireless games should be included in their recommendations for avoidance by children and that these devices should not be used in close proximity to children. 
Martin Weatherall
Director WEEP - Wireless Electrical and Electromagnetic Pollution.
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Subject: Cell Phone Use by Children and Youth / Prudent Avoidance Policy

Cell Phone Use by Children and Youth

(May 29, 2008) Report from the Medical Officer of Health

The Board of Health and Toronto City Council recently endorsed a Prudent Avoidance Policy that will help ensure that public exposure to radiofrequencies (RFs) from cell phone towers is 100 times below the current Health Canada exposure standard known as Safety Code 6. This policy does not address public exposure to RFs from the use of telecommunication devices such as cell phones. RF exposure from using a cell phone can be considerably higher than environmental exposure to RFs from local cell phone towers or antennas. Cell phone use has risen consistently in the last decade in Canada. In particular, the number of children who use cell phones has increased greatly. This report responds to the Board of Health’s request for further information on the use of cell phones by children and youth and their consequent exposure to RF energy.

The 2007 Toronto Public Health (TPH) report titled “Update and Review of Research on Radiofrequencies: Implications for a Prudent Avoidance Policy in Toronto” summarized research about RF exposure and potential health impacts in people. Considerable research has been done to explore the health impacts from cell phone use in adults. There are gaps in knowledge however, regarding exposure and health impacts in children. The research that is available suggests that children are likely more vulnerable than adults.

Many international reports and scientific experts in the field view the limitations and uncertainty of current research as warranting precautionary recommendations around children’s use of cell phones. There are currently no specific Canadian recommendations with regard to cell phone use by children. Some jurisdictions in Europe recommend that children decrease their exposure to RF by strictly limiting their use of cellular phones and some have strongly recommended that use be avoided completely. TPH has broadened its precautionary messages and advice on cell phone use. The focus is on messages for parents and teens to limit use of cell phones by children where possible.

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Cell Phone Use by Children and Youth - Staff Report (PDF file size 40KB)

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Toronto Public Health Dept.warns about cell phones for kids
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