Further Harm from Smart Meters

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Jun 25, 2010, 2:09:37 AM6/25/10

Hi Martin Weatherall, �Yes, please feel free to send my letter.

I was unaware of the dangers of�Smart Meters until one was put on my house.� I was wary of cell phones but I had NO physical symptoms from cell phones, wi-fi or cell towers that I was aware of. �I had been using a cell phone (with a headset, because early on I�had heard Dr.�George Carlo on the radio) and we had wi-fi in our house. �I had not been avoiding EMR.�

Now it all makes me sick.
It has been both a nightmare and an awakening.�
This is a documentation that I wrote about my experiences-

March 30, 2010

Dear Sir/Madam:

In June 2009 Con Edison installed a new digital electric meter on my house and

a new digital gas meter in my basement in Hastings on Hudson, New York. Con

Edison told me that the new meters were being used so that it could read the

meters with electronic devices from the street. The electric meter is as follows:

Electric Meter CENTRON

0716701200 CL200 240V 3W TYPE C1SRP 30TA 1.okh

Ca 0.5 FM 2s 60Hz

A72AQ 7978929. 59689 345

In about late September I began to notice I was having some odd symptoms,

including the following:


*Memory loss

*Inability to concentrate


*Inability to get my work done

*Interrupted sleep

I felt as if I were becoming unhinged.

During the time between September and earlier this month my husband and son

seemed agitated too. My husbandʼs blood pressure rose and he had to begin

taking blood pressure medication. He was also experiencing sleep disruptions.

On February 25th and 26th there was a huge snowstorm here. During the storm I

spent many hours in my living room, near my fireplace, about five feet away from

the electric meter, which is installed outside my living room window. My right ear

was facing the meter. My husband was traveling and my son was not at home for

the same length of time that I was. The electricity went on and off several times

during those two days. At one point I heard a piercing sound along with pressure

in my ears. Along with the symptoms I had previously experienced, I began to

develop worse symptoms, including the following:

*Heart palpitations

*A buzzing-pulsing sound, especially in my right ear


*Interrupted sleep with nightmares of being attacked

*Accelerated heartbeat

I was afraid that I would have a heart attack. The symptoms would lessen when I

went outside. It seemed that there was something wrong inside my home,

perhaps with the electricity.

Through research and talking to electricians, I began to realize that my

symptoms might be traceable to something relating to the meters. They were the

only recently installed appliances in our home with radio frequencies.

After many desperate phone calls to Con Edison, it removed the digital meters,

but only after I presented a note from my doctor, upon which Con Edison

insisted. In place of the electric meter Con Edison installed another electric,

digital meter that it assured me emitted NO radio frequency. It was as follows:

Electric Meter- Schlumberger Centron

CL200 120V 3W Type CN15

30TA 1.okh

Ca. 0.5 FM 25S 60Hz


71BQ 6914736

25 440 021

Con Edison also told me that I would need in the future to provide it with meter

readings. Con Edison told me that both my doctor and I would be receiving a

follow up communication from its health department, which we never did.

Whether the people at Con Edison lied or did not know what they were talking

about is a question that needs to be answered. This meter also had a radio

frequency (Note the FM25S.) I realized this when my symptoms got worse.

I was truly afraid that I would have a heart attack. I became terrified in my own

home and could not find a comfortable place to sleep, because the buzzing pulsing

sound in my ear was so disturbing. Before all of this started I was a

healthy 51 year old.

Again, after making many more calls to Con Edison, on March 4 they removed

that meter from my house and replaced it with an analog meter (this is the same

type of meter Con Edison had initially removed in June 2009).

My immediate responses were so remarkable that I recorded them.

*Tingling in arms

*Legs felt very heavy

*The buzzing-pulsing became quieter.

*I felt as if my body was weighted down with exhaustion

Within hours I began feeling better. The loud buzzing-pulsing sound quieted

down and my thoughts were less scrambled.

But my difficulties continued. In our home we have lived with wireless

appliances, cell phones and fluorescent light bulbs for at least three years, and to

my knowledge they have never been a problem for me. Now I cannot be near

any of these things because I get a buzzing in my ears and my heart starts to

race. The only possible cause for this change is that Con Edison placed meters

emitting radio frequencies on and in my home in June.

Since Con Edison removed the digital meters and replaced them with an analog

meter I am feeling better, but some of the symptoms have not gone away


I have learned from my research that the digital meters with radio frequencies

were never properly tested on human beings.





When I asked the Con Edison “Meter Relations” department (212-460-4111) if I

could see a copy of the test results for human exposure to the frequencies in the

meters, I was told that I must obtain a subpoena to acquire that information.

Con Edison also told me that the FCC had approved the meters. When I called

the FCC, I was told that it does not address human health issues, but only with

regulating frequencies, and the person with whom I was speaking hung up on


This could be a very dangerous situation. These meters are being used across

New York State and the country. People might become sick from them and not

know what is happening to them.

I am requesting that the meter replacement program be stopped immediately and

that home owners be given the right to opt-out of receiving these meters if they

do not want them, until further testing is done to learn the effects of the

frequencies they emit, especially in combination with other frequencies to which

we are already being exposed.

Thank you.

Michele Hertz

62 Euclid Avenue

Hastings on Hudson, New York 10706

Cruelty and Death of Siberian Tigers by Radio Collars?
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Any intelligent researcher using radiofrequency collars on animals should be aware of the health effects of electro magnetic radiation and should strongly consider that, as the cause of their illnesses.
Whatever happened to investigative reporters?� Are there no reporters or editorial staff at The Observer who are aware about the health effects of electro magnetic radiation on people and on animals?
Martin Weatherall

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