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Mar 3, 2008, 3:06:48 AM3/3/08
Dear Robert:    Thank you for sending this article from your old files.  
The Alzheimers' Association here in the U.S. maintains a website ( ) that includes a message forum as well as other important information.  
I have reviewed hundreds of posts by caregivers as well as patients.    Those patients diagnosed as having Early Onset Alzheimers' Disease (EOAD) have frightening stories to tell -- much like the BBC story questioning whether Alzheimeers is a disease of the young.   Lives are affected on every level.  Countless young persons are unable to remain employed.
It is normal for patients to depend upon prescription medications to help improve memory and cognitive function.   Tragically, it is fairly well-known that the existing medications for Alzheimers -- primarily Aricept and Namenda and more recently, the Exelon patch, frequently entail exacerbation of symptoms, if not actual worsening of symptoms or the occurrence of new symptoms.     I often write about "dangerous drugs or dangerous environment?"
I am repeating comments from an earlier email --  a concerned daughter reported to me that her mother -- a woman in her early 50's -- actually slept with her cell phone under her pillow.   The daughter was taking steps to assure her mom would stop this practice.   The woman wanted to talk to her boyfriend at any hour during the night.
We know that millions of people sleep with various electric appliances and/or telephone equipment on nightstands and headboards.   Many thousands -- probably millions,  have electric and gas service meters and installations mounted on the outside of bedroom walls.    This situation applies to all sorts of homes including apartment buildings and extends all the way too and including a multitude of recreational vehicles (used by young and old alike) as well as manufactured homes (often located near military bases) and the popular "park model home" commonly found in the warmer U.S. states such as Florida, Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada and California.  . 
Apparently the Alzheimers' Association has no interest in learning whether or not informing the public re "prudent avoidance measures" as they apply to appliances and telephone equipment, will help lower EOAD.  I have never received a resonse from Dr. Marilyn Albert (Alzheimers' Association Advisory Board)  to my appeal:  .....     A similar email was also sent directly to the Alzheimers' Association itself -- no answer to that appeal either.
We have many concerns regarding regulation of signals emanating from cellular antennae, high voltage powerlines, WiFi, etc.    It is imperative to start ferreting out how much harm is being caused by close, chronic, prolonged "bedtime exposures" in order to properly assess the more distant exposures.
Informing the public re avoidance of electric meters, appliances and telephone equipment in close proximity to beds will help open doors to the need for persons to assess and deal with lowering frequencies on electical wiring ( ) as well as to consider the benefits of turning circuits off to bedrooms at night  ( ).    As we who work to inform the public know, issues surrounding improper wiring and grounding problems also need to be addressed.  
I find the general public, for the most part, immediately makes the connection between reasons to move beds away from electric and gas metres, to move appliances and equipment such as cordless phone transformers, etc. away from beds, to overall cell phone concerns.     The people "get it," but sadly, they are "not being informed........"
We are eight years down-the-line from this 2000 BBC article.   In eight more years, we will be listening to doctors diagnose Alzheimers in children eight years old and younger!!!!    I think we know this is happening now but the "IT" is being referred to as ADD, ADHD, bi-polar, personality disorders
MOVE IT OR LOSE IT!!!!    A phrase of many meanings........     Take care  -  Joanne
Joanne C. Mueller
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