Israel High Court: Wi Fi in schools

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Feb 10, 2013, 11:25:49 AM2/10/13
On the 6.2.13 was the discussion in high court about WiFi in schools, filed by the national parents leadership, the Association for sane mobile phone use and Dafna Tachover.  Amir Borenstein was there and reported on his blog:  
Despite several hints by judge Melzer who said that it is as easy to stop wireless network as it is easy to install it, the verdict was in agreement with the Education Ministry that because the lawsuit was filed quickly, they would be able to establish an inter ministerial committee that would examine the issue again and find ways to bridge the gap, between the situation in practise -  wireless networks are already installed in hundreds of schools, and between the renewed executive form 10.2012 and the renewed inter ministerial form, from July 2012, that recommend on wired networks in schools, apart from cases where the wired is a security obstacle with signature of the security officer.
Judge Gronis commented that the claim is not against the administrative issue but it says that the Education Ministry says A and does B.  Judge Melzer said that in such cases it is demanded to stop and asked the Education Ministry lawyer: will you receive a decision within 30 days? she replied 30 for the transformation period, 90 day for the final decision. She added that the orders to install wireless networks on the Ministry's website were removed from the website. Lawyer Michael Bach continued to say: meanwhile, wireless networks are distributed, they dictate facts in practise, the dogs bark and the caravan passes. Judge Melzer said- easy to put, easy to stop. Lawyer Bach said: if it's forbidden to expose then they should stop exposing.  Hili, an elementary school pupil stole the stage when she said: they put us routers, and it is not pleasant, and it does radiation to us. Lawyer Bach said: 35 computers, each one in a different frequency and the exposure is not possible to stop. They say it's dangerous, so they should act accordingly. If it is not dangerous then they should say so and take responsibility on those who are harmed. Now they want to establish a committee. It is compulsory to give an intermediate injunction, that says installation of wireless networks is forbidden as long as wired network was not checked and as long as the security consultant did not determine that it is dangerous. We are all for progress, I cannot be an hour without a computer, a major contribution to the education system, it can be done wired. The court gave 60 days to the Education Ministry to establish a committee and file conclusions, while the court emphasized the gap between the ministry's statements and the installation of wireless networks in schools in practise.

Informant: Martin Weatherall
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