Microwave induced illness in conjunction with the introduction of heavy metals and dysfunctional flora of the body

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From: Dr. Gerald Goldberg

Date: Oct 11, 2007 2:37 PM

Hi Paul

I do not know if I sent you this post, but there are some interesting
parallels between the initiation of microwave induced illness, in
conjunction with the introduction of heavy metals and dysfunctional
flora of the body.

As I had stated in my book "Would you put your head in a microwave oven"
under the section on dosimetry studies that the cartilage of the
respiratory tract is very vulnerable to emf radiation. Also in the
section on cancers in the UK the stats show a very clear increase in the
incidence of thyroid cancers. The studies just show that there is an
obvious increase in cancers that reflect the sensitivity of those
tissues to emf.

What is notable in lupus is that it has been shown that the bodies own
lymphocytes will attack either intracellular metals and or encapsulated
vivid particles. The other thing of note is that the insidious use of
microwaves will subtly denature living cells and make them targets for
immune system attack. This is euphemistically called auto-immune disease
because the pathologist has no discernible means of understanding why
the body would attack it own tissues.

The peculiarity of the terminology is that it reflects the ignorance of
the fractioned not the wisdom of the body. Also there is a higher
incidence of autoimmune and cystic disease of the thyroid in woman which
goes along with the general observations in my book. The nature of
cystic disease which is one part of the spectrum of presentations is
part of this disruption in cellular metabolism.

Also it has been my experience that subacute infection, masquerading as
auto-immune disease can seed from the stomach itself which is often the
portal of entry of infections which backtrack into the thyroid via the
lymphatic system.

Renal pathology is a serious sequel of radiation sickness and can be
completely missed because the kidney has such a large functional reserve
and with radiation sickness there will be no obvious findings either in
the blood or urine. Often the only findings may be an elevated bun or
creatinine. Other indirect symptoms which one could look for would be
elevated blood pressure, increased calcium and uric acid excretion in
the urine. This is synonymous with the findings that I will be sending you.

It is common to overlook these findings in a younger female because in
many instances they would be dismissed as just part of a normal
menstrual problem or just a perhaps a urinary tract infection.

Good prophylaxis would be to use Ginkgo Bilboa, which has been found to
be protective of kidney function and particularly the renal vasculature
or blood supply. Also ginkgo has the ability to elevate SOD levels,
which are critical in maintaining the integrity of the DNA. Sod levels
can also be artificially elevated by taking a supplement called
glisoden, which will offset radiation damage. Melatonin and other
strategies are also very useful. Certain vociferous vegetables tend to
help as do certain herbs, Homeopathy can offer some assistance.

Often a medical practioneer can be mislead as to the potential severity
of the underlying process, because they normal assume that young people
do not get sick and normally recover quite easily. They only get
suspicious when they start developing symptoms of end stage renal damage
and at that time if they do not have a good model to work on will miss
the relationship altogether.

This is to the great detriment of the patient who then has the
possibility of starting a strategy which involves avoidance ie
prevention and the use of high doses of antioxidants in an attempt to
stabilize the situation. It is critical for physicians and other aware
individuals to focus as much on the epidemiology of other illnesses than
those that have been described in the past.

Tragically many innocent users of cell phones will get ill without a
clue that the microwaves are potentially a significant factor in driving
their disease. They are literally sitting ducks.

The other great tragedy is that the reliance on authoritarian
structures, ie medical and scientific, which are caught up in a paradigm
of enlightenment, will only exacerbate the problem. You are literally
seeing the blind leading the blind playing out.

It would be interesting to send a letter to medical societies outlining
the overall pattern or presentation of microwave illness. At least there
is a regional attempt on the part of physicians to address this problem
in Germany.

In other countries physicians are insulated by their medical societies,
who do no more than collect dues and maintain the status quo of a
country club.

Regulatory agencies in many countries are heavily regulated by the
industries that own them. In effect they live under the assumption that
they are autonomous but in fact they are no more than employees of the
companies whose profits they protect.

Another avenue to raise awareness is to address the issue at the level
of secondary educational institutions in schools or to enlist the aid of
those whom adolescents admire the most, ie actors and singers. It is
pathetic that one has to take a back door approach to reach families,
but as I stated the handwriting is already on the wall.

The article below though vague tends to address the similiarites between
the bodies response to either insult from emf, heavy metals, or
radiation damage The very basis of the pathology suggests a common
mechanism and in and of itself a proactive approach to help restore some
normal functioning in an individual.

I suspect that the body has a reservoir of pathogenic viruses which can
be triggered under adverse events to produce some of the symptoms, ie
illnesses that one sees. Any insult to normal cell functioning will
cause them to be activated adding to the problem. I imagine that they
are a normal check and balance in nature but have just been exacerbated
by the introduction of all the artificial variables that have been
introduced by nature. We live outside of the limits of nature or we
destroy nature, our greatest gift and we destroy ourselves.

Omega Group

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