Open Letter to Biopro Technologies Executives and Independent Consultants

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Nov 20, 2007, 12:38:54 PM11/20/07
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*Open Letter to Biopro Technologies Executives and Independent Consultants*

It has come to the attention of the Safe Wireless Initiative (SWI) that
the controversy regarding MRET polymer in Biopro chips has raised
questions about the positions of SWI regarding Biopro and its technology

Because there is residual public connection between Biopro and the SWI,
clarification is necessary. As a non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization
formed for the public good, SWI has a continuing obligation to keep
constituencies informed where controversies that impact SWI exist.

1. The strategic alliance between the Safe Wireless Initiative and
Biopro Technologies was terminated at the end of October 2007. The
reasons for the termination were an accumulation of honest differences
of opinion regarding technologies and business practices. The
differences of opinion were not resolvable.

2. The Safe Wireless Initiative believes that the quality control
issues raised by the chip controversy are serious and need to be
resolved as an obligation to consumers who have purchased chips and who
will purchase chips in the future.

3. The solution we urge Biopro to enact is straightforward:
a) Recall the bad chips and replace them with good chips
b) Incorporate an open inspection program of both manufacturing and
distribution quality control to re-establish credibility.

4. The Safe Wireless Initiative continues to acknowledge the public
health value of passive noise field technology, of which the MRET-Shield
is one type, when represented properly in the context of the Public
Health Paradigm.

5. The Safe Wireless Initiative continues to have as a goal, that
viable primary, secondary and tertiary interventions should be
distributed as widely as possible in the population to protect the
public from the range of EMR related symptoms and diseases. We support
any and all organizations and individuals who share that goal.

G. L. Carlo Chairman Safe Wireless Initiative

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