EMFs impact biological processes

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On 2013-04-13 à 09:35, Diana Ostermann

André Fauteux,
I have been researching the EMF health issue for a couple of years now.  Along the way I found a couple of US patents issued to Janie Page Blanchard (while she worked at Bechtel) and Carl Blackman (while he worked for the US EPA) that control cellular processes using EMF.  See below. 
I found this because Janie Page (she has dropped the 'Blanchard', either because she got divorced, or else to hide her connection to the patents below) co-authored (with Roger Levy, an MBA) two rebuttals to expert letters claiming EMF health effects (both Janie and Roger work for the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory which is part of the US Dept. of Energy).  I wanted to know Janie's background and whether she was qualified to criticize medical experts. 
Not only is she qualified, she knows better than most (and has known for over a decade) that EMFs impact biological processes.  Please forward this information to anyone who can make use of this information. 
Diana Ostermann
Here's the Bechtel experience of Janie Page.
Privately Held; 10,001+ employees; Construction industry
January 1988– October 1999 (11 years 10 months)
Future positioning of company via pilot projects in advanced civil infrastructure projects (energy, waste water treatment, regional development, transportation, etc.). Created award-winning new business line within R&D - efforts here resulted in two awarded USpatents. Received excellence awards from both Bechtel and US Environmental Protection Agency for this work. From the (self-written) bio Janie Page has on Linked In:
1.)She summarizes her work experience as, "Janie has over 15 years of professional experience mediating technical and institutional issues related to project management." That's not research. That's good administrative skills. But she puts one of her specialties as "biological effects of electric and magnetic fields", but doesn't show ANY work experience related to that. I think because it was all covert.
2.) She states she holds 2 patents, but doesn't elaborate. I found them under her married name, Janie P. (for Page) Blanchard. (I am sure this IS Janie Page. I found Janie P. Blanchard listed several places on the web, listed as working for Bechtel, in the timeframe her bio shows her employed by Bechtel.) The two patents are:5,919,679, awarded July 6, 1999 (filed 7/18/97), which is a tool to us EMF to manipulate the flow of ions in living cells, particularly (but not exclusively, I believe) Calcium and Magnesium ions. Part of the description (which is quite lengthy) states:
It is a further object of the present invention to create three biological/chemical response options in a treated system for selected AC and DC magnetic field flux densities and AC frequency: (1) on-resonance parallel AC and DC magnetic fields (creating, for example, maximal inhibition of a biological response); (2) off-resonance parallel AC and DC magnetic fields (creating no change in the biological/chemical system in comparison to the unexposed case); and (3) on-resonance perpendicular AC and DC magnetic fields (creating, for example, maximal increases in the biological response).
The second patent is 6,238,899, awarded May 29, 2001 (filed 2/10/99). Truthfully, I cannot see the difference between the two. Much of the text is identical. What IS interesting is that both of these patents have been "assigned" to
Assignee: The United States of America as represented by the Environmental Protection Agency (Washington, DC) (underline, mine).

Here's the first letter, dated April 12th, trashing the Santa Cruz Health Dept. position on smart meters.   http://eetd.lbl.gov/EA/emp/reports/schsa-042012.pdf
Both letters are addressed to Patrick Hudson of the Mich. Public Services Commission.  This letter opens with, "In response to your request on March 20, 2012, "
Here's the second letter, dated April 18th, trashing the American Academy of Environmental Medicine position on smart meters.  http://eetd.lbl.gov/EA/emp/reports/aaem-042012.pdf
Both letters are from Roger Levy (MBA) and Janie Page (formerly, Blanchard) of  Smart Grid Technical Advisory Project, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, whose footnote reads, "The Smart Grid Technical Advisory Project provides technical assistance and training to state regulatory commissions on topics related to Smart Grid."  
Wikipedia defines the LBN Lab as, "The Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab), is aU.S. Department of Energy (DOE) national laboratory conducting unclassified scientific research. It is located on the grounds of the University of California, Berkeley, in the Berkeley Hills above the central campus. It is managed and operated by the University of California for the DOE.
Janie Page has an extensive bio on Linked In which I previously sent.  In it, she details her experience with Bechtel as:
"Future positioning of company via pilot projects in advanced civil infrastructure projects (energy, waste water treatment, regional development, transportation, etc.). Created award-winning new business line within R&D - efforts here resulted in two awarded US patents. Received excellence awards from both Bechtel and US Environmental Protection Agency for this work."


Interesting that she doesn't mention anything about what these patents actually do.  More on those in the prior email.  Just let me add that her partner on those patents is Carl F. Blackman and she has co-authored documents with him from 1995-1999.  And it seems Carl Blackman is on our side.  I found this from Journal: Pathophysiology , vol. 16, no. 2, pp. 205-216, 2009            http://journalogy.net/Publication/35651563/cell-phone-radiation-evidence-from-elf-and-rf-studies-supporting-more-inclusive-risk   Here is the earliest collaboration of Janie and Carl  The "Ion Parametric Resonance" Model of EMF Bioeffects
Brain tissue was one of the first experimental systems in which EMF frequency and intensity-specific "windows" were found for bioeffects. Now, one of the pioneer researchers in this area, Carl Blackman, has teamed up with physicist Janie Blanchard to develop a new theoretical explanation for window effects, the "Ion Parametric Resonance" model, and has demonstrated strong support for the theory in nerve cells.  (from a publication dated may/june 1995)
Janie used to be on our side.  This from Microwave News Mar/Apr 1997

“Profound Health Implications”

The chasm between the physicists and biologists often appeared to be too wide to bridge. At one point, Adair called Dr. Carl Blackman and Janie Blanchard’s ion parametric resonance

model a “crackpot theory”—no different from creationism or mythology (see MWN, M/J94).


“You can’t just say it’s impossible,” a frustrated Blanchard told Adair and Weaver at the end of a long panel discussion. “We need a dialogue,” she said. Blanchard works at Bechtel Corp. in

San Francisco and Blackman is with the Environmental Protection Agency in Research Triangle Park, NC. Dr. Jack Sahl of Southern California Edison in Rosemead, CA, cautioned that, “If we cannot reach consensus soon, we will have lost an opportunity and undermine society’s trust.”  Dr. David Savitz of the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, pointed out how much is at stake in this debate: “If the physicists turn out to have been proven wrong, they will no longer be able to stop research grants from being funded.” And even more importantly, Savitz said that, “The acceptance of the low level

in vitro work would have profound health importance, because it would affect the interpretation of the whole body of epidemiological literature.”

I wonder why she switched sides?

A search on the LBNL website for Roger Levy turns up this: 
... Media Contacts. Roger Levy. Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.
1 Cyclotron Road MS 90-3111. Berkeley CA 94720. ... 
eetd.lbl.gov/staff/roger-levy - 9k - 2012-05-10 - Cached
And I've attached a chart from the LBNL website w a mini bio of Levy.  Plus a document he co-authored that shows the type of stuff (demand response) he works with.
He's just the marketing spin on all this.  Janie is the technical one.

LBNL smart grid proj.png
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