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May 6, 2013, 2:52:39 AM5/6/13
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From: Antoinette Stein <tw...@igc.org>
Date: Sun, May 5, 2013 at 5:02 AM
Subject: ACTION ALERT: SF BOS Regular Meeting Tuesday, May 7, 2013 - 2:00 PM City Hall, 1 Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett Place San Francisco, CA 94102-4689

Dear colleagues,

Apologies for cross posting if you already received this from me or Ellie Marks, Doug Loranger, Libby Kelley et al.

NEED YOUR HELP- Please sign on to the attached Letter—Please REPLY to me with what Name (and org, etc. if you want) you want me to paste into the letter

1.      Please Sign on to the letter below.

If you have not yet signed on please consider it as it will really help all of our EMF issues.  --If you see errors in the text of the letter below or misspellings in any signatures please let me know so they can be fixed. Please understand that this is not easy and I am trying my best.  Your help with this is GREATLY APPRECIATED !! btw. You do not have to live in SF or in the US to sign on.

2.      Please come to the SF Board of Supervisors Regular Meeting  

Tell the BOS to VOTE NO on Item 8/Continue Item 8!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013 - 2:00 PM

City Hall, 1 Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett Place, Legislative Chamber, Room 250

San Francisco, CA 94102-4689

CTIA has hijacked the process! – We need to ASK for a CONTINUANCE AT A MINIMUM!

SF Rules Committee met in closed session on April 18th and has recommended killing SF’S  2011 RIGHT TO KNOW DISCLOSURE REQUIREMENTS through a stipulated SETTLMENT Agreement.

Antoinette “Toni” Stein PhD

892 Arlington Ave

Berkeley, CA 94707



Sign on letter to follow and Table 1 attached:


May 4, 2013

Dear Honorable San Francisco Board of Supervisors:


Norman Yee

John Avalos

Malia Cohen

London Breed

Eric Mar

David Chiu

David Campos

Katy Tang

Jane Kim

Mark Farrell

Scott Wiener


We the undersigned support the May 3, 2013 “Expert Physician and Scientist Letter on Cell Phone Safety[1]”.  We agree that you should further evaluate all of the significant new scientific information tabulated in Table 1 below before you decide on settling the CTIA-The Wireless Association® law suit. 


Please do not rush into any YES VOTE  on Settlement of Lawsuit with  CTIA – The Wireless Association that is  Item # 8 130315 on the May 7th Board of Supervisor Meeting Agenda without first carefully reviewing the new scientific information including  the newly published scientific information in the 480 page WHO IARC Monograph published on April 24th and the other new information listed in Table 1.


 Because a substantial amount of new scientific information has been released after the Rules Committee deliberated and voted, we respectfully ask you to reject the April 18th Board of Supervisor’s Rules Committee recommendation to settle with CTIA-The Wireless Association® lawsuit[2] because it was made without any consideration of the new and significant scientific information listed in Table 1.  And we respectfully ask you to CONTINUE this item due to these special circumstances and permit needed time for both the City and County of San Francisco, the public, and the CTIA-The Wireless Association®  to review the substantial new scientific information relevant to this matter that the Rules Committee recommendation did not consider in their closed door deliberations (because it was not published when they met).


We also encourage the City and County of San Francisco to try to  meet and confer with the CTIA-The Wireless Association® to discuss these new significant scientific information and discuss if in fact the narrowly asserted CELL PHONE DISCLOSURE REQUIREMENTS that are in the SF Environment Code do not in fact act to support the city’s governmental interests of Protecting Children’s Health in light of the new substantial scientific information in the official WHO IARC Monograph under its classification that cell phone radiation is officially  a Group 2B carcinogen and the other new scientific reports including  that brain tumor treatment costs in the US exceed $1 Million per victim.


We encourage you not to take any rash or arbitrary and capricious actions that are not in accordance with the full constitutional GOVERNMENTAL rights and powers afforded under the law especially under the Central Hudson test[3].  Do not decide without  first carefully reviewing and considering in depth the significant new scientific information tabulated in Table 1 including the 480 page World Health Organization (WHO) International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) Monograph that classifies cellular telephone and other Electromagnetic Radiation (RF EMF) as a Group 2B carcinogen.    

Under the City’s Fair Public Process Rules, the public has a right to know about all of the important new and relevant technical information before you vote on this matter consistent with the responsibilities of this great city to protect public health and safety.   Accordingly, we respectfully ask you to:


1.      Provide the public with posted information on this key new science on the City’s websites linking to the 480 page WHO IARC Monograph on RF EMF radiation and the other new significant scientific information listed in Table 1 below and other new studies.

2.      Reopen the “Public Comment Period” and allow the public to speak about this new information as it pertains to the passed ordinance.


As articulated in the “Expert Physician and Scientist Letter on Cell Phone Safety” we agree that the new science brought forth in Table 1 introduces materially changed facts and circumstances that need to be carefully considered before finalizing the Cities actions on the CTIA-The Wireless Association® lawsuit  because the new information brings new information on health hazards and never before peer reviewed cost estimates on health impacts that the City may incur.   In addition, the Federal Communications Commission will be formally issuing a new inquiry into its approach to cell phones reflecting new technical information as well.


We share the goal of saving lives in San Francisco, and we urge that the Board continue to ensure the public right to know about cell phone safety and assist in promoting broad public understanding of basic precautions that can be taken to reduce radiation exposure from cell phones.  People have a right to know about ways to use phones more safely that they otherwise may be unaware of including the best practices currently embedded within phones or printed in small type in pamphlets they receive after purchasing these devices.  We applaud your efforts to promote this basic right.


We urge you NOT to authorize any permanent injunction against enforcement of the Cell Phone Right-to-Know Law that was unanimously passed by the SF Board of Supervisors before reviewing the relevant new information that was released after the Rules Committee meeting including the WHO IARC Monograph and the other the other key new scientific information (See Table 1). 


We the public request a minimum of 60 days to review and comment on the new science that the city and its people have not yet had a chance to review and consider.  Thank you for your efforts to protect our health and safety.   



SIGNATURE LIST (chronological order)

Health Professionals, Scientists, Public Officials and Community based Organizations

Ellen Marks, California Brain Tumor Association

Antoinette “Toni”, Stein, PhD: Co-moderator of Collaborative on Health Working Group on Electromagnetic Fields (CHE-EMF)

Arthur Firstenburg, President Cellular Phone Task Force

Tony La France, MD

Max Anderson, Berkeley City Council

David Shapiro, Attorney, Calabasas City Council

Cindy Sage, MA, Sage Associates Co-editor BioIniative Report 2012

Nancy Evans, Health Science Consultant, SF

Mona Nilsson, Fonderu, Vice Chairman, Swedish Radiation Protection Foundation

Ms. Kiku Iwata, Co-founder Burbank Action (Against Cell Towers in Our Neighborhoods)

Kevin Kunze, Director, Mobilize

Katie Hickox, Member SF Women’s Forum, SF for Democracy

Dana Nachman, CTF Films

B. Blake Levitt, Former New York Times writer, author A Conusmer;s Guide to the Issues and how to Protect Ourselves

Sam Schwartz, MD

Rep. Vanessa Lowery Brown (D-190, PA General Assembly and Chairwoman of the PA legislative  Black Caucus

Rep. Andrea Boland (D) Maine

Leland Mew, MD

Katharina Gustavs, Certified EOH Building Biology Consultant

George Spathis, Attorney at Law,

Ariel Barfield, HEAL of Southern Arizona

Katharina Gustavs, Cert. EOH  Building Biology Environmental Consultant IBN

Ann McCampbell, MD, Environmental Health Consultant

Jonathan Franklin, MD

Cynthia Franklin, Consumers for Safe Cell Phones

Sandi Maurer, Director EMF Safety

Rae Amey, President, Rae Amey Enterprises

Mary Beth Brangan and James Heddle, Co-Directors Ecological Options Network, EON

Daphne Jasperes, widow of Steven, died age 48 cell phone related brain tumor

Lloyd Morgan, Senior Research Fellow, Environmental Health Trust

Dorothy Goldin Rosenberg, MES, PhD, University of Toronto

Lew Levenson, Chair, Rim Country Environmental Health Coalition, Payson, AZ

Lisa Tully, PhD

Sharon L. Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

Commissioner Phoebe Sorgen, Berkeley, CA


 Alan Marks, victim

Zachary Marks, son of victim

Jordan Marks, son of victim

Amanda Marks, daughter of victim

Mindy Brown, widow of Coach Dan Brown, Defensive Coordinator Fresno State football, father of 6, deceased at age 50 from cell phone related brain tumor

Valerie Marks

Keith Marks

Brandon Marks

Jenna Marks

Abigail Marks, widow of Milton Marks

Cristin Prischman, widow of Paul- deceased age 42 cell phone related brain tumor

Monique Solomon, widow of Andrew Solomon, age 43, cell phone related brain tumor

Stuart Cobb, victim

Jenna Weiss, daughter of brain tumor survivor

Alisha Buller Kidd

Sean Kidd, victim

Laura Ingram, Sf resident- long term cell phone user, now environmentally ill

Jeri Brooks, widow of victim

John Lawler, victim, age 40

Ashley Lawler, victim

Jimmy Gonzalez, attorney, victim, age 41

Anthony Patch, victim, age 40

SIGNATURE LIST: Concerned People

Angela Lucas

David Lucas

Donna La France,

Kevin Mottus

Faye Harrison

Linda Specht

Korissa Brown

Tara Markey

Larry Brown

Eric Brown

Travis Brown

Susan Golovan

Bruce Golovan

Zack Golovan

Greg Golovan

Eva Hoffman

Kevin Hoffman

Sharon Schwartz

Sybelle Gabriel

Marla Spector

Sharon Schwartz

Nancy Hubert

Jordan Brown

James Johnson

Wendy A. Ferguson, Fairfax

Kristen Cobb

Margaret Mew

Evan Mew

Liddy Clark

Roberta Lewis

Kelly Fiorella

Lino Fiorella

Nicholas Fiorella

Lisa Spathis

Debra Peilet

Andrew Peilet

Gail Freed

Mark Freed

Joni Gimbel

Lee Gimbel

Sandra Chiafiori,

Stephenie Ratke

Adam Ratke

Kesler Ratke

Max Ratke

Jill Botti

Pamela Smith,

Joseph spathis

Jenna Spathis

Julia Spathis

Hallie Peilet

Carly Peilet

Debby Marks

Glenn Marks

Cindy Licht

Glenn Licht

Dani Licht

Brit Licht

Barb Payne

Karen Johnson

Deborah McCutcheon

Marne Glaser

Barbara Weightman

Jake McCombs

Samantha McCombs

Sarah Reilly

Jerry Reilly

Elizabeth Miles

Keith Miles

Al Leuthner

Karen Leuthner Johnson

MIke Pellegatti, Phoenix, AZ

Marianne Shannon, Pantagonia, AZ

Gary Widman, Tiburon, CA

David and Dawn Roberts, Gold Canyon, AZ 85118

Susan Riley-concerned citizen, retired RN, Tucson, AZ

Greg Roberson

Monnie Ramsell, 50 Bronco Drive, Sedona AZ 86336

Susan Benson, Tucson, AZ 85704

Government Agencies:



If you want to send your own letter to the BOS directly (I recommend it in addition to sign on). Here are their emails and their STAFF emails:  

Eric....@sfgov.org; Mark.F...@sfgov.org ; David...@sfgov.org ; Katy...@sfgov.org ; London...@sfgov.org ; Jane...@sfgov.org ; Norma...@sfgov.org ; Scott....@sfgov.org ; David....@sfgov.org ; Malia...@sfgov.org ; John....@sfgov.org ; mayore...@sfgov.org

'Nickolas....@sfgov.org'; 'Victo...@sfgov.org'; 'Peter.La...@sfgov.org'; 'Catherine....@sfgov.org'; 'Judso...@sfgov.org'; 'Amy....@sfgov.org'; 'Catherin...@sfgov.org'; 'Margau...@sfgov.org'; 'Jess.Mo...@sfgov.org'; 'Ashley....@sfgov.org'; 'Dyanna...@sfgov.org'; 'Caro...@sfgov.org'; 'Vallie...@sfgov.org'; 'Ahmad.E...@sfgov.org'; 'Conor.J...@sfgov.org'; 'Sunny....@sfgov.org'; 'Ivy...@sfgov.org'; 'Danny....@sfgov.org'; 'Esther...@sfgov.org'; 'Matthias...@sfgov.org'; 'Olivia....@sfgov.org'; 'Adam....@sfgov.org'; 'Andres...@sfgov.org'; 'Jeff....@sfgov.org'; 'Hillar...@sfgov.org'; 'Joseph...@sfgov.org'; 'Nate....@sfgov.org'; 'Stephan...@sfgov.org'; 'Megan.H...@sfgov.org'; 'Andrea...@sfgov.org'; 'Michae...@sfgov.org'; 'Raquel.R...@sfgov.org'; 'France...@sfgov.org'; 'Avalo...@sfgov.org';




[2] United States District Court, Northern District of California, Case No. 3:10-cv-03224 (WHA)

[3] Central Hudson Gas & Electric Corp. v. Public Service Commission of New York, 447 U.S. 557, 571 n.13 http://assets.opencrs.com/rpts/95-815_20081210.pdf

From EMR-Updates

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