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Oct 13, 2007, 1:08:46 PM10/13/07
Spiegel-Bericht über PENTAGON-PLAN

Satelliten sollen Sonnenenergie zur Erde beamen,1518,511203,00.html


Space-Based Solar Power

As an Opportunity for Strategic Security

Zitat Text-Seiten 7-8 / pdf-Seiten 10-11:

„Typical reference designs involved a satellite in geostationary orbit,
several kilometers on a side, that used photovoltaic arrays to capture
the sunlight, then convert it into radio frequencies of 2.45 or 5.8 GHz
where atmospheric transmission is very high, that were then beamed
toward a reference signal on the Earth at intensities approximately
1/6th of noon sunlight. The beam was then received by a rectifying
antenna and converted into electricity for the grid, delivering 5-10
gigawatts of electric power.“

Nachricht von BLUE SKY

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