Does using a mobile phone send you mad?

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Jul 4, 2009, 8:16:54 AM7/4/09

Mobile Telephony and Radiation in Sweden

"Does using a mobile phone send you mad?"

They have invaded our living space, and in shops they look like white mushrooms of 25-30cm mounted on the fluorescent light fixings . . . they are UMTS 3G relay antennas.

And there are others even smaller, of 15-20mm, used for wireless transmissions (Wi-fi).

Relay antennas like this can be seen in the Stockholm underground system and in large shopping centres.

In some parts of Stockholm, for instance in the Hamngatan shopping centre, radiation levels of 200,000 µW/m²
(or 8.6 V/m) have been measured. This intensity of artificial HF microwave radiation is 2000 times higher than
the level recommended by the BioInitiative scientific group for inside buildings, which is 0.194 V/m (100 µW/m²).

After a brief search in the huge Gekas shopping centre in Ullared,
6-8 relay antenna emplacements were found.

As if that wasn't enough, there are more relay antennas actually in the shops!
Other two-way antennas are mounted on ceilings or walls, including DECT-type base stations for the staff's cordless phones, and other 5-10cm antennas of unknown function


People are
obviously completely unconcerned
about this radiation and Gekas
has even set up a large play area in
the centre that is only 50 metres away
from the antennas.

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In the walkways there are three more antennas
and two more can be seen at the entrance to the centre on the roofs of the shops and restaurants.

As a cherry on the poisoned cake,
on a little hillock just next to the shopping area there are two masts with numerous base stations and reflectors for the GHz Hertzian beam network

The action group Mobilstralning i Sverige
is planning to take measurements in the Gekas shopping centre in order to show how much radiation people are being exposed to.


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"Does using a mobile phone send you mad?"

A little while ago a bronze statue of
Göran Karlsson (1939-2004),
founder and owner of the Gekas chain,
was set up at the entrance.

It shows him making a call on his mobile phone.

In actual fact he died of a brain tumour that could
not be treated by surgery or radiotherapy.


He used his mobile constantly,
and he realised what had caused his tumour.

People remember him using his phone very often,
but today he would not be considered exceptional. 

Nowadays mobile phone users have gone way beyond the unrealistic definition of a 'major user' given in the international Interphone study: someone who phones for 260 hours in 46 months,
which works out at 11 minutes 30 seconds per day.

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