C.A.P.E. and Electro Magnetic Radiation Pollution

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Mar 24, 2008, 7:14:01 PM3/24/08
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I have just sent this letter (below) to the Canadian Association of
Physicians for the Environment. The medical community is a vital part
of the fight to ensure safer levels of electro magnetic radiation. I
would appreciate any assistance that you can provide, to help persuade
CAPE to take the dangers of electro magnetic radiation seriously.
Letters of support and providing CAPE with scientific evidence showing
health dangers and environmental problems, could very well make a
difference. Here is a method where you can possibly help yourself and
help others by getting involved, I hope that you take the opportunity.
Here is the CAPE e-mail address webm...@cape.ca
<mailto:webm...@cape.ca> .

Martin Weatherall

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*From:* Martin Weatherall
*To:* webm...@cape.ca
*Sent:* Monday, March 24, 2008 1:48 PM
*Subject:* Electro Magnetic Radiation Pollution

Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment

Dear CAPE:

I have just been searching your web site
http://www.cape.ca/about.html and have found nothing about electro
magnetic radiation (EMR) harming the environment. This is very strange
because you claim to be an environmental organization, and EMR is one of
the greatest threats to the environment. I have collected a great
amount of scientific research and evidence to show that people are being
severely harmed; animals are being harmed; birds, bats, bees and frogs
are being harmed; and the entire environment is being endangered because
of EMR pollution. I am aware of Canadian doctors who have developed
electrical hypersensitivity and Canadian hospitals that are
extremely polluted with high levels of EMR. These highly polluted
hospitals are endangering the staff and the patients in those facilities.

Many doctors in other countries are aware of the threat to the
environment by EMR. Doctors in Germany and Ireland have petitioned
their governments to reduce the dangers from EMR because they have
observed the its terrible effects on their patients. I am shocked that
Canadian doctors have, to date, failed to recognize the extreme dangers
to which Canadians are being subjected. Surely, Canadian physicians
have seen the evidence of health harm caused by EMR in their hospitals
and practices. Canadian physicians should be reading the relevant
information and educating themselves about one of the most significant
environmental threats ever. There are two particularly important web
sites that will provide CAPE and the Canadian medical community with
excellent scientific resources. These are www.bioinitiative.org
<http://www.bioinitiative.org> and
http://www.hese-project.org/hese-uk/en/main/index.php .

I notice from your Internet site that one of the CAPE objectives is to
'educate physicians on environmental issues'. It appears that CAPE is
failing its mandate and is missing one of the most serious environmental
issues facing Canadians (and the world). If you visit the Irish Doctors
Environmental Association web site http://www.ideaireland.org/emr.htm ,
you would see that they are far more advanced in their knowledge of EMR
dangers than CAPE. I and several other Canadians who have educated
ourselves about the environmental and health dangers of EMR are all
willing to share our information with CAPE, in order to make Canadians
and the Canadian environment safer. Please contact me if you would like
further information.

Yours sincerely,

Martin Weatherall
Director WEEP - Wireless Electrical and Electromagnetic Pollution.
conta...@weepinitiative.org <mailto:conta...@weepinitiative.org>

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