Neurosurgeon warns patients and parents about wireless radiation dangers

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Sep 23, 2023, 12:28:57 AM9/23/23
Dr Hillel Baldwin recounts how his wife became gravely ill over five years ago. Epidemiologist Samuel Milham referred the Arizona-based couple to a local expert in electromagnetic field (EMF) detection and mitigation, Paul Harding of Total EMF Solutions. His wife is much better since the rid their house of wireless devices emitting probably carcinogenic microwave radiation, but she is still electrohypersensitive today.
Dr Baldwin co-chaired the EMF Medical Conference 2021 whose presentations can now be viewed by all at no charge :
The Barrow Neurological Institute-trained surgeon works closely with the Environmental Health Trust to help inform citizens, physicians and politicians of the dangers of EMFs. 
The website shares a wealth of information, notably about the science of EMF health risks as well as international policies to reduce public exposure to this ubiquitous pollutant. 
Based on numerous independent data-driven studies, Dr Baldwin and many other scientists are convinced that this manmade radiation we use daily in homes, schools, businesses and even hospitals is partly responsible for the recent epidemic rise in the incidence of several central nervous system cancers, neurological diseases and neurodegenerative disorders.
He recommends just unplugging your Wi-Fi and other wireless devices for a few hours or a few days: many people who do see an immediate improvement in their health and wellbeing.
Here is the interview he granted me today:
Informant: André Fauteux

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