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National Center of Public Health Protection, 15 Acad. Ivan Geshov Blvd,
Sofia, 1431, Bulgaria

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Dear Katie: You may be interested in learning about my stories re two
grandsons with rare immune deficiencies due to _sleeping_ close to
electric meters. Some of the information is on my website:
www.guineapigsrus.org <http://www.guineapigsrus.org> . If you would
like additional information, just let me know. I should mention here
that both boys suffered constantly from asthma -- often "intractable
asthma" -- required serial nebulizer treatments every two hours
round-the-clock. Appetites, asthma and other symptoms improved within
10 days of moving the boys beds away from close proximity to electric
meters. This improvement occurred in spite of both boys homes being
less than 200 ft. from high voltage powerlines.

Also, I conducted guinea pig studies (guinea pigs produce cortisol as
opposed to corticortoids in rats and mice -- i.e., "biologically closer
to humans") by placing their cage(s) (two separate studies) against
bedroom wall opposite an electric meter (our house).

First symptom in guinea pigs was asthma (confirmed by three veterinarians).

Profound blood changes occurred within first couple of weeks in each of
the two guinea pigs in two separate studies -- hypersegmented
neutrophils, severe neutropenia and lymphocytosis consistent with
"markers for irradiation." One out of each set of guinea pigs died
within 30 days of exposure -- one from severe, subacute epicarditis and
the other from pneumonia.

Our guinea pig, Kelley, lived on in our basement (away from electric
meter and lower magnetic fields from two high voltage powerlines --
readings averaged 3.5 milligauss to 4.5 milligauss) for about 2-1/2
more years. Her blood results normalized and her osteomyelitis (one
leg) completely disappeared. Kelley, did, however, succumb to
Reactive Renal Amyloidosis.

Kelley plus one of the guinea pigs from the second study (Lucy) who
lived about three years in our basement, never again had the choky-type
cough that produced rales and was diagnosed as "asthma."

Thank you for your important study re stress hormones. Take care -

Joanne C. Mueller
Guinea Pigs "R" Us
731 - 123rd Avenue N.W.
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55448-2127 USA
Phone: 763-755-6114
Email: jcmpe...@aol.com <mailto:jcmpe...@aol.com> (11-10-07)

WEBSITE: * **http://guineapigsrus.org*

ARE YOU AND YOUR CHILDREN GUINEA PIGS? Letter 7-22-04 by Joanne Mueller

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